Environmental Policy and Ecology

"A commitment to the environment"

We understand ourselves as a technology company committed to environmental protection. With our products and solutions we provide innovative and efficient services for the field of water supply, wastewater disposal, process water and sludge treatment. Our responsibility for the environment is not limited to the conception of our products but includes also state-of-theart manufacturing technology to relieve the environment and be sparing with our resources.

This is an idea all HUBER employees are committed to. Our environmental statement describes the strategies and measures we have taken for the purpose of environmental protection. We want to show the interested public, our customers and suppliers that environmental protection is possible within an industrial company and success can be achieved which improves in the long run both our quality of life and our economic efficiency.

Already in 1997, we decided to set the stage for the certification of our production according to ISO 14001 and EMAS Eco Management and Audit Scheme (official journal of the European Communities for the environmental management system and eco-audit No. L 168/1 of 10 July 1993, No 1836/93 of 29 June 1993 on the voluntary participation of business enterprises in an eco-management and audit scheme).