HUBER organises 1st HUBER Milk Day at dairy company Jäger

HUBER SE recently organised the 1st HUBER Milk Day in cooperation with the dairy company Jäger GmbH. Nearly 50 representatives from the dairy industry came to inform themselves about the subject wastewater directly at Milchwerk Jäger GmbH at Haag near Munich.

After the welcoming speeches of the companies participating, Mr. Alvaro Carozzi from the engineering office Steinle at Weyarn explained the fundamentals of wastewater treatment and the general process technologies. Beside legislation topics, he placed the focus on typical methods applied to treat dairy wastewater.

HUBER SE informed then about products and solutions for the food industry in general and specifically for the dairy industry. In addition to wastewater treatment topics, it was also dealt with issues of the future, such as water and heat recycling, residue utilisation (dewatering/drying) and cooling of wastewater by means of heat exchangers. Besides, current projects involving these subjects were presented.

Mr. Michael Kreisel of Bayerische Milchindustrie eG presented their sludge dewatering concept at the location Jessen where a HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® is used to dewater the generated flotate sludge.

At the end of the block of presentations, Mr. Stefan Steinle (deputy director of operations) finally explained the wastewater concept of Milchwerk Jäger GmbH. The special feature of this plant is the combination of indirect discharge of treated process wastewater (pretreated by dissolved air flotation) and direct discharge of the vapours and permeate after treatment in a MBR plant. The complete equipment is installed underground.

Before the event was concluded at a local restaurant, the participants was shown the wastewater treatment plant installed at Milchwerk Jäger on a tour of the site.