HUBER RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screen ready for the future

Plastic segments of a HUBER RoDisc® screen
Plastic segments of a HUBER RoDisc® screen
Plastic segments of a HUBER RoDisc® screen
HUBER RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screens in a concrete tank

With the HUBER RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screen we have risen to the challenge of increased requirements on future wastewater treatment. New technical developments combined with innovative manufacturing technology ensure the HUBER RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screen is ahead of future requirements in wastewater treatment.

Maximum corrosion protection is an indispensable prerequisite in wastewater treatment. HUBER has used a pickling bath for many years already to achieve the optimum passivation of stainless steel surfaces. Increasing requirements (chemicals in filter inlet) and increased use of the Disc Filter for filtration in coastal areas (salt water) made it necessary to go new ways. HUBER has therefore developed a new type of discs with a high-quality polypropylene base frame.

In addition to increased corrosion resistance, this new type of discs has other positive effects that open up new market chances: Due to their significantly reduced weight the maximum possible number of discs for one machine can be increased from 20 to 30. The resulting 50% increase in throughput per machine makes the micro screen affordable also for the operators of big treatment plants who want to upgrade their plants. The new design also permits easy replacement of the filter mesh (stainless steel or optionally polyester). The filter mesh is attached to the flat frame and can be replaced without the need to dismount the discs.

The method of how the mesh is fixed to the flat frame should be pointed out especially. In contrast to other common micro screening technologies on the market, the mesh of the RoDisc® screen is not glued onto the frame but attached and embedded by means of a special patented thermal process. At the point of attachment the mesh is completely sheathed by the plastic flat frame material so that a form-locked connection and thus 100% protection of the attachment point against external influences is achieved. Reliable and permanent mesh fixture is guaranteed independent of the use of chemicals for the reduction of phosphate or endocrine substances. The innovative manufacturing technology applied with the HUBER RoDisc® screen sets a milestone in disc filter technology.

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