A HUBER Technology Wastewater Screening Case Study: HUBER Coarse Screen TrashMax® heavy debris removal screens


HUBER Technology recently supplied three HUBER Coarse Screen TrashMax® heavy debris removal screens to a site in the North West of England, which is one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in the UK. These are the first screens of this design to be installed anywhere in the UK. 

Project Profile

Due to the diameter of the incoming pipes into the newly constructed inlet works, for protection of downstream Fine Screens and Screenings Handling Plant it was necessary to install Coarse Screens. The specification called for the screens to be able to deal with tree parts, scaffold boards and poles and other large, unusual debris that could be transported to the works via the large diameter pipes.

After several meetings three unique HUBER TrashMax® Screens with 40 mm bar spacings were selected with each screen having a hydraulic capacity of 4350 litres per second.

Due to the complexities involved dealing with the type of debris these screens remove, launders and traditional screenings transportation systems could not be employed. The TrashMax®screens are usually arranged to discharge the removed debris directly into skips so negating any requirements for additional screenings handling plant.

HUBER Technology Supplied

  • 2 No. 7010/2000/2972/40 HUBER Coarse Screen TrashMax® Screens with 40 mm bar spacings each for a hydraulic throughput of 4350 l/s per screen.
  • 1 No. 5760/2000/2972/40 HUBER Coarse Screen TrashMax® Screen with 40 mm bar spacings for a hydraulic throughput of 4350 l/s.
  • On another section of the same site HUBER Technology have supplied 4 No BG8SV HUBER Screenings Wash Presses WAP®-L suitable for operation via frequency inverters so each will achieve a screenings throughput of 12 m³/hour. The screenings are fed to the Wash Presses via launders from the Fine Screens.

 “Having witnessed myself the type of debris that these screens can remove, it makes perfect sense to install TrashMax® screens where the size of the incoming sewer allows such unusual debris to enter the inlet works. I am very confident that this client, as well as other water companies will see the real value of having this type of robust screen protecting downstream assets on their larger wastewater treatment works.    Once fully tested and operational the TrashMax® Screens will provide this inlet works with the ultimate first line of defence against damage from large debris.”
Dale Foster - Area Manager for HUBER Technology. 

HUBER have also supplied the following equipment to this site:

  • HUBER Coanda Grit Washing Plant RoSF4 BG2S Grit Washing Classifiers that deal with grit pumped from the ASP - installed in 2012.
  • HUBER Sludge Acceptance Plant ROTAMAT® Ro3/1200/10  - “roughing” screens to deal with tankered sludge and sludge transferred by pumps from nearby treatment works - installed in 2010.
  • SP290 HUBER Sludgecleaner Strainpress® pressurised sludge screens - installed in 2010.

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Products in use and related solutions

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