HUBER RoDisc® Micro Screen Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club in the UAE

RoDisc 20 in concrete tank at Al Sweihat Pumping Station, Sharjah - UAE

The Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club in the UAE uses cleaned wastewater of the Sharjah Main Treatment Plant for irrigation of its garden and the green.

Due to the enormous economic growth in the UAE and the associated population explosion all treatment plants in the UAE are overloaded. So the wastewater can not be treated accordingly and the required solids retention can not be reached by secondary clarifiers. Regarding the Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club this was leading to an increased odour burden and big problems for irrigation in terms of blocked valves or pollution of the green with sludge.

For this reason the Sharjah Drainage Section was advised to solve that problem.

The solution was found with HUBER's Rotamat RoDisc® Micro Screen. This screen is
utilised for the separation of fine suspended material (sludge flocks) in overloaded STPs after the secondary clarifier. The RoDisc® is characterized by a very compact design compared to Sand-Filter and high hydraulic throughputs, up to 1500 m³/h.

The Sharjah Drainage Section decided to install two RoDisc® 20 Micro Screens at the Al Sweihat Pumpstation in Sharjah from where the treated and clean water is pumped to the Golf & Shooting Club.

To achieve the best outlet possible the two screens are fitted with a 10 Micron mesh sieve. This sieve is made of stainless steel to withstand the hydraulic and static loads.

Both RoDisc® 20 have been installed in April 2007 and are working since May 2007 with
best results.

Technical Data:

  • Machine Size: RoDisc 20
  • Max. Throughput total: 900 m³/h
  • Solids content inlet: ~ 250 mg/l
  • Solids content outlet: < 10 mg/l
  • Reduction rate 96%

by Sammiller Michael, Business Unit Mechanical Wastewater Treatment