HUBER Rotary Drum Fine Screen ROTAMAT® on cruise ship of MV WERFTEN

The ships of the Endeavor series are the worldwide biggest mega yachts with ice class PC6. They allow expeditions to paradisiacal islands that would be impossible with conventional cruise ships. Main travel destinations are the Arctic, Antarctic and the Caribbean.

The ship ‘Crystal Endeavor’ will for the first time set sail in 2020 and take its maximum 200 passengers in 100 exclusive suites to the most remote corners of the world.

Two HUBER Membrane Screen ROTAMAT® RoMem 780 units with 0,5 mm mesh size will be installed on the ship to clean the wastewater from the cabins.

The two HUBER fine screens are already standing in the hull of the ‘Crystal Endeavor’ at MV WERFTEN in Stralsund where the ship is being built.

Together with the planning office, located in Pole, Great Britain, we have developed a special solution that is perfectly adapted to the requirements of a ship.

As everyone knows, the space on a ship is scarce. The focus of the shipbuilding wharf was on providing as much space and comfort as possible for the passengers. The biggest challenge in this project was therefore to elaborate a solution for our customers that is space-saving but does not impair the optimal function of our machines.

Due to the very good and open collaboration with the planning office and the customer, we have already received a new order for four HUBER Membrane Screen ROTAMAT® RoMem units for two other ships. These are presently in the production process in our factory, and we have been informed that even more orders of this kind will follow.