New Pressure Door model to withstand even higher pressures!

TT7-30 pressure door (outer side)
TT7-30 pressure door (outer side)
Interior side (pressure side) of the TT7-30 door
Interior side (pressure side) of the TT7-30 door

New pressure doors? Hasn't HUBER successfully manufactured a large number of pressure doors for a long time already? That's right – since the early eighties about 250 to 300 a year.

What new features would make them better?

The pressure doors (TT7) we have produced by now are laid out for a limited static load of up to 10 m water column. The feedback we get from the market, from suggestions, predictions or even concrete inquiries, we know that this pressure resistance will not be sufficient any more for many future building projects. A pressure resistance of up to 30 m water column could be required for some projects, such as for pumping stations, pressure increasing plants in drinking water supply projects, locks or stormwater overflow tanks.

Reason enough to work on a solution!

The solution has the internal name "TT7-30" – a pressure door that is absolutely tight up to 30 m water column. The development phase for the new door started at the beginning of 2012 and held a lot of challenges for everyone involved in the project. The HUBER product management together with the construction department designed a new door based on the long-term experience with manufacturing pressure-tight doors. A special construction had to be developed which, due to its distinctive design and appearance (see picture), offers a substantially improved resistance to high water pressures. The construction was statically calculated and tested to meet the diverse relevant standards, regulations and guidelines.

After a prototype had been manufactured and successfully tested, the first order could be realized: As part of an order placed by Gelsenwasser AG for the water works Echthausen we delivered three doors of the new, innovative type with size 800x1200 mm.

The new product impresses with numerous innovative features:

  • Absolutely tight up to 30 m water column.
  • The central lock allows for easy and quick operation of the door.
  • Due to its special design the door can easily and hygienically be cleaned in the course of regular elevated reservoir cleaning.
  • Especially robust seals have been developed with regard to dead water zones.
  • The seals of the TT7-30 doors are certified to KTW and DVGW W270 standards which are of fundamental importance in the field of drinking water supply.

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Products in use and related solutions