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The HUBER Code of Conduct
The HUBER Code of Conduct

HUBER SE is committed to conducting its business activities in a legal and ethical manner. We are always a reliable partner to our customers, partners and suppliers and we build trust with our way of working.

Our compliance system provides a clear framework for our decisions and actions. It is based on our HUBER Code of Conduct. All employees are required to adhere to the principles set out in it and to help ensure that we live up to our corporate responsibility and ethical standards in our daily work.




Whistleblowing Portal
Whistleblowing Portal

Dear Whistleblower,

HUBER SE is committed to conducting business in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and company policies as summarised in the HUBER Code of Conduct.

If you have concrete evidence that our Code of Conduct, internal rules or laws are being or have been violated, we ask you to share this information with us and to actively assist in clarifying the incidents. This offer to speak up is made to all our employees but also to our customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Please share your concerns with us via our Whistleblowing Portal. The whistleblowing system allows both written and verbal reports. You are free to decide whether you want to make the report anonymously or by providing your contact details.

If you wish to report anonymously, the whistleblowing system allows you to set up a protected mailbox. Via this mailbox, we can communicate with you in writing, ask further questions that are important for the investigation and inform you about the progress of the investigation. Your anonymity is always guaranteed.

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