Complete value creation chain

We rely on our abilities within the value creation chain: research and development (innovations), environmentally compatible and efficient production, global sales and region-wide after-sales service. Only when we are unable to achieve our desired solution internally, will we seek partnerships built on mutual trust with a third party for the benefit of both.

Therewith we offer a complete value creation chain for long-term customer satisfaction!


State-of-the-art analysis at our new certified laboratory

HUBER INNOVATION – Waste Water Solutions

We develop and test our new technical solutions at our headquarters in Berching. To adapt our innovations to the specific requirements of our customers all around the world, we carefully test our products additionally on our customers’ sites. Demonstration projects and the research we do, frequently in close cooperation with renowned research institutes, ensure that our machines and plants work reliably in practice and provide for transfer of knowledge in our target countries. Our goal is to develop new technologies and sustainable solutions.

Our development efforts increasingly focus on closing the loops of water, material and energy cycles. We treat municipal wastewater close to source to a quality that ensures the treated water can safely be reused for irrigation of agricultural land, for infiltration or as toilet flush water. Sewage sludge is used as a source for phosphorus recovery. In cooperation with internationally renowned research facilities, and partly on its own, HUBER SE runs various research projects to demonstrate how to close regional cycles by means of simple and cost-effective technologies. Wastewater is no longer considered as a waste material but as a valuable secondary raw material for recovery of service water, fertilizer and energy.



Our modern production site at Berching, Bavaria
Our modern production site at Berching, Bavaria
Our modern production site at Berching, Bavaria
Our modern production site at Berching, Bavaria
Our modern production site at Berching, Bavaria

HUBER Production

A Symbiosis of High-Tech and Experience that Redefines 'highest Quality'

To be able to offer our customers superior quality, production is a focus of our activities and is backed by our highly skilled experts who put their expertise to work and take pride in the superior quality of our products. Modern production machinery and plants are at their disposal and, as a consequence, bring about accurate, repeatable and faultless production results. It is the combination of our expertly trained staff in conjunction with the latest computer-aided high-tech production machinery that enables us to offer highquality products throughout the world.

Our production is backed by an experienced team of design specialists. In close interdisciplinary collaboration with our research & development, sales, design and service departments these design engineers lay the foundations for successfully launching new innovative products that are highly regarded among experts.

Among the guidelines of our engineering activities is the “Integrated Product Policy“ which means that the optimum use of materials, efficient operation of products, economic use of resources, compliance with environmental requirements with regard to functionality and the results achieved is taken into account right from the outset. The use of stainless steel for all our products therefore contributes to completely recovering resources and to closing the recycling loops. We are living ecological awareness. We don’t just talk about it, we act accordingly in everything we do.

Quality needs quality control. The entire area of our design and construction services as well as production is subject to sustained quality control evidence of which is shown by the relevant certificates that give proof of our excellence.

Quality combined with innovation achieves exceptional results. The economic efficiency, safety and reliability of our products are the basis for investment security and high customer satisfaction.

This approach has made us a worldwide renowned manufacturer of quality products and we are committed to this philosophy for the future.



Our Clients are Our Partners

Water is a global issue.
We are ready to meet its challenges and that is why we as a company are active throughout the world.
The experience and suggestions that we gather from all over the world have been integrated into the solutions we offer and adapt to suit our customers’ specific requirements.

Our sales engineers provide support in all phases of a project. Already prior to the planning stage and feasibility studies our highly skilled experts with their experience and expertise lay the foundations for a sound basis for project planning. We have specialists for all fields who are available for help and advice to master even highly complex challenges.

Experienced project managers take care of order processing and ensure trouble-free and on-schedule implementation of projects on site. Our machines and plants are installed by our own HUBER Global Service staff. As an option, we offer supervision of installation.

Well-briefed operating staff is a prerequisite for ideal and economical plant operation. Our HUBER after-sales service for all HUBER products actively contributes to optimised operation of the customer’s products throughout the whole product lifecycle.

Do not hesitate to make use of our expertise!


Global Service Provides Security

  • Close to the customer nation-wide-serving the customer's needs
  • Ensured machine efficency - safe investment by Huber Service

We know that customer loyalty is not only built on superior product quality, but also on the motivation of a producer to offer life-long product assistance.

We are proud of having set up our HUBER Service Group which is at the disposal of our customers 24|7|365 days a year. This helps us to maintain your equipment to the high quality level and performance that you, our customer, expects.

We are not just content supplying products alone, but also feel responsible for the operation, functionality and performance of your machine. We respond to your problems, and also provide the high caliber of after sales service that you associate with excellent machines. We provide the service your investment deserves for optimal long-term trouble free operation of your machines - during their entire product life cycle.


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Customs simplifications

HUBER SE is an authorised economic operator (AEO C)

In September 2011, HUBER SE was officially granted the status of an authorised economic operator (AEO) of the EU. The certification allows HUBER SE to benefit from customs simplifications (AEO C). Also our customers within the EU will now benefit from even more efficient processing of customs formalities. Furthermore, the AEO certification helps us to make international supply chains safer.

Various criteria and requirements of the EU customs code, transposed into European law, must be met by applicants to obtain the AEO status. The legal provisions applicants have to meet include reliability, solvency and compliance with applicable laws and safety regulations. 

AEO certificates represent a quality seal for reliable business partners. HUBER SE has basically complied with the provisions for many years already as the necessary organisational measures have been taken that would systematically guarantee the compliance with applicable standards. This includes provisional measures, such as information and education of all employees concerned on the one hand and monitoring of relevant company-internal processes on the other hand. The new AEO certificate is the official confirmation of our own quality standards.

It is our aim for the future to obtain the extended AEO certification that includes “safety” (AEO F).

AEO certification granted to HUBER SE:
Certificate no.:
Valid since:
Issued by:
DE AEOC 111739
Regensburg main customs office


HUBER Purchasing Department

We set a high value on communication and cooperation with our suppliers!

The purchase of goods and procurement of all materials we need for our high quality production are subject to continuous change these days. Therefore, Huber SE requires permanently qualified, reliable and flexible suppliers.

Like in our own company philosophy, we are interested in our suppliers continuously improving their work and processes flows. We therefore need suppliers who are able to meet our requirements both under economic and technical aspects and are willing to steadily further develop like we do.

When it comes to the selection of our suppliers we attach great importance to

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Economy
  • Supply availability
  • Reliability
  • Technical standard
  • Responsibility for the environment and society

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Staff motivation and commitment: Team spirit at HUBER

The Human Factor as the Centrepiece

Staff Motivation and Commitment: Team Spirit at HUBER

As a result of the multitude of tasks that we feel committed to accomplish the most diverse knowledge is demanded from each member of our staff including our craftsmen ́s work. Our staff’s expertise across all these disciplines is both the foundation and guarantee for the quality of our services and products.

Our success is based on their commitment and dedication to meet the highest expectations that our customers have a right to demand and expect from us and it is that which we are ready to fulfil.

With a view to better serve our customers’ needs, we have meanwhile established a global team of experts which whilst offering us the opportunity to explore new market opportunities also involves new challenges for us with regard to our Company structure. We know that only if we provide for permanent education and on-the-job training of our staff can we be sure to achieve our goals.

The HUBER Group is successfully operating in the environmental engineering sector and achieves its success with more than 1000 employees worldwide. We offer interesting jobs that require independent work within a motivated and committed team. Benefits include employment security with advancement opportunities in a leading innovative and growth oriented company with worldwide subsidiaries and an attractive and experience based compensation package.

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