Los Cabos Hotel & Resort - Baja California, Mexico


  • Black Water Treatment
  • MBR Ultrafiltration
  • Treated Water Recycled for Irrigation


Site Description

The Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Hotel is a 5 star hotel and resort located in Los Cabos on the Southern Tip of the Baja Peninsula. The Hotel & Resort offers:

  • 327 bedroom suites.
  • 7 on site restaurants & bars.
  • 650m² of conference or meeting room space.
  • On site fitness studio & beauty spa.
  • 10 swimming pools.

The hotel is operated by Pueblo Bonito Oceanfront Resorts & Spas.


HUBER Water Recycling System

For this project, HUBER designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a 130m³/day Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) ultra filtration system to treat the combined black and grey wastewater. The treated water is recycled for irrigation.


The HUBER MBR system utilizes


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