Systems Concept for Organic Waste Processing

bio-waste bunker grease trap waste tank with HUBER Cover mill + metal recovery pulper pre-treatment with ROTAMAT® Complete Plant Ro 5 ROTAMAT® Super-Launder Screenings Wash Press WAP/SL ROTAMAT® Grit Washer RoSF 4 sludge screening with STRAINPRESS® Sludgecleaner SP anaerobic digester gas holder and flare gas holder and flare power / heat cogen. sludge dewatering with ROTAMAT® Screw Press RoS 3 belt drying with KULT® Middle Temperature Dryer BT+ biofilter dried sludge silo heat supply to dryer wastewater tank with stainless steel HUBER Manhole Cover chemicals dosing tubular reactor HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation Plant HDF process water tank flotate sludge chemicals dosing

The Systems Concept

1bio-waste bunker12HUBER Screw Press S-PRESS (RoS3) - sludge dewatering
2grease trap waste tank13HUBER Belt Dryer BT - middle temperature drying
3mill + metal recovery14biofilter
4pulper15dried sludge silo
5HUBER Complete Plant ROTAMAT® Ro5 - pre-treatment16heat supply to dryer
6HUBER Screenings Wash Press WAP® SL (super-launder)17wastewater tank with stainless steel HUBER Manhole Cover
7HUBER Coanda Grit Washer RoSF418chemicals dosing
8HUBER Sludgecleaner STRAINPRESS® - sludge screening19tubular reactor
9anaerobic digester20HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation Plant HDF
10gas holder and flare21process water tank
11power / heat cogen.22flotate sludge
5 Ro5


HUBER Complete Plant ROTAMAT® Ro5

Well-proven mechanical pre-treatment components

  • Fine screening
  • Screenings treatment
  • Grit separation
  • Grit classification
  • Separation and removal of fat and grease

for complete mechanical wastewater treatment in one compact unit

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HUBER Wash Press WAP® SL

The super launder screenings wash press.

Volume, weight and disposal cost reduction of up to 85%, compaction up to 50% DR with high washed screenings quality of < 20mg BOD5 / g DR

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7 RoSF4


HUBER Coanda Grit Washer RoSF4

Grit separation, washing, dewatering in one system - the reference with more than 1,300 installations world-wide.

High solids throughput and high grit removal efficiency, less than 3% organic content.

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8 SP



Horizontal pipe-shaped coarse material separator for municipal and industrial sludges -     continuous screening, dewatering and transport of coarse material in one operation.

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12 RoS3



Very sturdy, flexibly appicable sludge dewatering unit for sludge volume reduction up to 90%.
The completely encapsulated, odour-free plant is insensitive to coarse material and designed for high solids loads with minimum wear and vibration.

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13 BT+


HUBER Belt Dryer BT

Middle temperature dryer for energy-saving and eco-friendly drying of municipal and industrial sludges in compliance with European and international standards. Results in a dry, granular, disinfected (Class A), easy and safe to handle biosolids product.

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17 PG1

21 PG1_e

HUBER Manhole Equipment

The complete program of equipment made of stainless steel for unrivalled lifespan.

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20 HDF


HUBER Dissoved Air Flotation Plant HDF

Wastewater treatment, product recovery and process water treatment through flotation with micro bubbles.

With non-clogging saturation system and non-clogging integral lamella packages.

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