Energy-Efficient Sludge Screening

ROTAMAT® Sludge Screen Ro 3.1
STRAINPRESS® Sludgecleaner

Sludge screening is recommended where:

  • screens in the headworks are not fine enough,
  • sludge, e.g. septic sludge, is imported,
  • clogging of sludge treatment components, e.g. heat exchangers, must be prevented,
  • certain solids could impair treatment or reuse of treated sludge.

Our ROTAMAT® Sludge Screen Ro 3.1 has a bar spacing of 6 or 8 mm. Sludge, e.g. imported septic sludge, flows through the screen by gravity. Removed screenings are washed and compacted to 30 – 45 %DS. Power consumption is 10 – 20 Wh/m³.

Sludge is pumped through perforations of our STRAINPRESS® Sludgecleaner. Their diameter is 3 – 10 mm, most commonly 5 mm. The Strainpress also removes hair and fibres and compacts the screenings to 35 – 45 %DS. Its power consumption, including pumping, is around 50 Wh/m³.