Energy Efficiency by Wastewater Reuse

HUBER ClearOnSite® Solution for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
HUBER ClearNear® Solution for Semi-Centralized Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
Systems Concept for Wastewater Reuse

Reuse of treated wastewater, e.g. for irrigation or as service water, saves water and power for its supply. This is particularly the case where:

  • water is in short supply and has to be produced by expensive and power consuming processes; e.g. power consumption of desalination is around  4.0 kWh/m³.
  • water is supplied from far away; e.g. power consumption of water supply in Southern California is 2.3 kWh/m³.
  • water is produced from surface water with a power consumption of 1 – 2 kWh/m³.

Costly and energy consuming nutrient removal is usually not desired. Nutrients add value to irrigation water.

Wastewater treatment processes depend on the required reuse water quality. In some cases mechanical/chemical treatment (See HUBER MeChem® Solutions) is sufficient while in other cases excellent effluent quality of membrane bio-reactors (MBR) is required.

HUBER ReUse Solutions offer a wide range of options.