Energy-Efficency by Operation and Maintenance

HUBER Service provides security and efficency

Last, but not least, energy efficiency depends on operation and maintenance quality.

HUBER Global Service offers contracts for regular inspection and optimization of plant operation and preventive maintenance, not only of HUBER equipment.

HUBER Teleservice even provides for online supervision, control and optimization. Need or frequency of service calls is thus minimized.

HUBER Service provides the following benefits for our customers:

  • Plant performance is optimized;
  • Operational reliability is improved;
  • Energy and chemicals consumptions and costs are minimized;
  • Costly repair work is avoided by preventive maintenance;
  • Operation and maintenance costs are reduced.

HUBER Rehabilitation Services save costs and energy by repair of failing or corroding equipment. If one takes account of overall energy consumption for fabrication of new equipment, energy saves of over 90 % are achieved.

Optimally customised machines by the HUBER Product Optimisation Service guarantee a constantly high performance at low operating costs and energy demand!