HUBER Solutions for Recycling of Plastic Waste

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Plastic waste, for example bottles and foils, can be processed via material recycling or energy utilization in order to produce recycled products or to generate energy.

The prerequisite is that the plastic waste is freed of contaminants and cleaned. Such impurities are mineral (e.g. sand, stones, glass, metal) or organic (e.g. paper, food waste, vegetable residues).

HUBER offers reliable, well-proven products and solutions to support all these process steps.

Systems concept

Systems concept



The delivered waste is shredded and gets washed and screened in a HUBER Wash Drum RoSF9. The cleaned plastics are dewatered and compressed at the end of the drum with a HUBER Screenings Compactor Ro7.

The contaminants are washed in the drum and separated into a clean mineral fraction and an organic fraction in a HUBER Coanda Grit Washer RoSF4. The washed mineral fraction with a loss on ignition <3% is recycled as building material, for example, for road and sewer construction.

With a HUBER Rotary Drum Fine Screen ROTAMAT® Ro2 the organic fraction is separated and dewatered from the wash water. After composting, it can be utilized as soil material.

The wash water will be recycled again and can be conducted as process water in the circuit.

When we implement our solutions, we also provide our well-proven HUBER stainless steel components, e.g. Screw Conveyors or Manhole Covers.


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