Update your HUBER control system now

Prepared for the future with HUBER Retrofit Service

The ravages of time not only affect the machine technology, but also the associated switchboard and control system. As a result, failures and malfunctions occur more frequently, especially on the sensitive PLC (programmable logic controller) components. With outdated hardware, a standstill in the near future is unavoidable. Function and operational safety are no longer guaranteed. Moreover, the manufacturers of the PLC hardware are already focusing on new technologies (IoT, Industry 4.0, etc.). This means that spare parts procurement is no longer possible or is associated with high costs and long delivery times.

HUBER Service has the perfect solution for you!

Outdated control system before retrofit and below latest technology with a HUBER control system retrofit

With our HUBER Retrofit Service, you receive a new PLC hardware and a new operating device. This package is optimally tailored to your existing machine technology and your requirements. This replacement not only restores the long-term function and operational reliability again, it also leads to wear-optimised operation of your HUBER machines due to continuous further developments of the program sequence.

We will be happy to plan a partial or complete renewal of the control system together with you, depending on your needs and requirements. The replacement can be carried out by yourself or by one of our experienced HUBER service technicians.

HUBER uses standard programs that are tailored to your plant-specific requirements. This eliminates the need for expensive programming work on site. Nothing stands in the way of a quick restart. Replace - Switch on - Run!

Of course, we can replace controls that were not originally included in our scope of delivery as well. The integration of third-party products is also no problem for HUBER.

Our recommendation:

Do not wait until the control system fails! Contact servicehuberde at an early stage. We will be happy to advise you without obligation on site or by phone to find the best solution for you.