In dialogue with the HUBER machine - Digitalisation for more customer value

Fig. 1: The lifecycle of a machine

A major part of the total costs incurred during the life cycle of a machine are operating costs. To keep the operating costs as low as possible, it is important to pay attention to optimal machine operation, otherwise you will be faced with increased costs due to excessive wear, unplanned down times and increased energy consumption.

The use of the HUBER Operation Control system (HOC System) that HUBER provides for its customers worldwide prevents such unwanted costs. The system permanently monitors the machine’s operating status. If required, appropriate measures will immediately be taken to optimise the operation of the machine.

HOC is an innovative solution that can also be seen as part of presently much discussed issues, such as Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, or Service 2020.

The ever advancing connection between the physical and virtual world has not stopped short of the wastewater industry. HUBER understood the benefits of these new technical possibilities already years ago and started to develop an internet-based system to be able to offer an even better service for the worldwide installed HUBER machines.

Three priorities were of major importance for developing the HOC system:

  1. The HOC system must help operators/customers operating their HUBER machines optimally and provide the possibility of customised preventive maintenance to avoid unscheduled interruptions of operation.
  2. The HOC system must provide the HUBER service team with any information that is necessary to support the customer any time with our full competence and expertise without the need to have a service engineer on site.
  3. The HOC system must be easy to install, easy to retrofit, and easy to operate.
Fig. 2: Layout of the HUBER Operation Control concept

As a result, the HOC system presents itself as an innovative and user-friendly system consisting of the following components:

  1. Special hardware (data logger module) that sends selected machine data to an internet portal (HUBER Portal)
  2. Internet portal allowing both the customer and the HUBER service team to access the machine data via special access rights
  3. Special software with machine-specific control that ensures the data received can continuously be monitored and stored and, if required, messages sent to the customer

In practice, the HOC system offers the customers and operators of HUBER machines a number of advantages:

  • Right of access to the HUBER Portal round the clock from wherever in the world
  • Access from any internet connection without limitation of the number of users at a time
  • Insight into all defined present and historical machine data
  • Automatic warning in case of deviation from optimal operating conditions
  • Notification alarm in case of troubles
  • Maintenance management

The functionality of the HOC system offers our customers:

  • Optimised plant operation
  • Increased plant availability
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Availability of the manufacturer's expertise

The “intelligence” of the HOC system consists in the so-called “warning rules”. On the basis of the HUBER expert knowledge regarding the optimal operation of HUBER machines, special basic algorithms have been programmed which are adjusted individually for each project and then monitor the customer’s HUBER machine fully automatically to ensure optimal machine operation. If the system detects any deviation from optimal operating conditions, the warning rule will respond, the HOC System will immediately notify the HUBER Service Centre and the plant operating staff and allow them to take appropriate measures. Upon request, or if necessary, the HUBER Service Centre will analyse together with the plant operators the operating data of the HUBER machine in the HOC portal. Open questions can thus be discussed with the HUBER experts very quickly without the need for a visit from a HUBER specialist.

Here are two examples from a variety of potential applications for a HOC system:

Example: screen

The level control system upstream of a screen does not measure correctly (e.g. due to a dirty probe). The screen therefore switches on more frequently than actually necessary, with the results of increased wear and parts having to be replaced earlier than scheduled.
The intelligent evaluation routines of the HOC system’s warning rules would early notify the customer that it has detected a deviation from optimal operating conditions so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken.

Example: wash press

If a HOC system is installed with a wash press, the system will automatically recognize that the wash press reverses too frequently. The system understands this as evidence that the guide bars need to be replaced. Owing to the information from the HOC system the plant operator can order the guide bars in time and proactively schedule their replacement by a HUBER service technician. This avoids a machine down time!

Fig. 3: HUBER Operation Control – the virtual HUBER service engineer

The HOC system is available for all new HUBER machines and can most easily be retrofitted on already installed HUBER machines.

Use the HOC system with its various tools and machine-specific intelligence to monitor the operating status of your HUBER machine, identify deviations early enough, schedule maintenance dates proactively, avoid unplanned down times, and minimize your costs.


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