HUBER Operation Control – a useful supplement to service contracts

Overview of all maintenances with the specific input parameters
Fig. 2: Maintenance overview for a plant. Maintenance 3 due.

HUBER Operation Control (HOC) expands portfolio of service contract and offers comprehensive support for daily maintenance management.

If you have concluded a service contract with HUBER, one of our service specialists comes to your site once or twice a year to check the actual state of your equipment. It is however necessary to carry out additional maintenance work on your own during the time in between. HUBER Operation Control provides support through maintenance management.

All maintenances which must be carried out on our machines according to the operation manual, whether weekly, monthly, yearly or in other time-dependent intervals, are integrated in the HOC maintenance management.

HUBER HOC maintenance management further includes instructions how to carry out maintenance (indicating also the required tools, operating media, maintenance location). This can be very helpful, for example if you try to find a grease nipple.

The service dates are managed centrally by the service centre in Germany. This has the advantage that you can be sure not to miss any service date and don't have to care for it yourself. In addition, central management enables HUBER SE to globally adjust maintenance parameters.

The experience of our service specialists plays an important role. We use their feedback from the experience they gather in the field to implement it according to our quality standards. If it is necessary to adjust a maintenance interval, this can be done very easily.

Up to three input parameters that are relevant factors for the necessity of maintenance can be entered in the maintenance management tool. When 80% of the response threshold is reached a message is displayed that maintenance 'X' is required 'soon'. The messages are sent via e-mail transmission and recorded in the operations diary of the HOC system. This gives you the time to prepare tools, operating media and personnel that is required.

When 100% of the response threshold is reached a message is displayed that maintenance 'X' is required 'now'. You can decide to carry it out immediately or combine it with another maintenance for which you have received the message "...required soon".

The HOC portal allows you to check all statuses of all maintenances for your machine(s) at any time without the need to calculate yourself via the operation hours whether or not maintenance is due. Input parameter 3 is especially important, it decides whether a maintenance interval can be prolonged if EP 1 or 2 respond.

This is an extra that is only available in HOC. The switch-on processes can be monitored in EP 3. They are counted and also evaluated via a 80% threshold. If the threshold is not yet reached but EP 1 or 2 respond, the maintenance intervals are prolonged by fixed times. This is especially advantageous for machines that do not operate very often, e.g. because the flow rate is low.

HOC is another element of our service concept and can be used without concluding a maintenance contract. Combined with a maintenance contract, however, you can be certain that your machine is always in the optimal operating status.