1000 Plants in Germany with a HUBER Service and Maintenance Contract: HUBER signs contract with STP Jagstzell

HUBER Service and Maintenance Contracts have over the years developed to become a worldwide highly demanded service product of the HUBER Global Service. Today, such contracts exist for more than 2,500 machines and plants in Germany alone.

Verena Burger and Paul Neumaier handed over the certificate to Mayor Müller and Chief Officer Lars Freytag

The municipality of Jagstzell also decided recently to make use of the extensive benefits of a HUBER Service Contract. Their decision means another milestone in the success history of the HUBER Global Service. For their decision meant that we could sign in the first quarter of 2019 a contract with the 1000th sewage treatment plant in Germany, STP Jagstzell. At the beginning of April, this was celebrated together with the municipality’s representatives on site in Baden-Württembergt.

Paul Neumaier, Business Unit Manager HUBER Global Service, was welcomed for a celebratory reception by Mayor Raimund Müller and Chief Officer Lars Freytag together with his Service Team members: Verena Burger (Service Sales Maintenance Contracts International), Josef Stephan (Service Sales Team Leader), Frank Hill (Service Advisor International) and the regional field service representative Elmar Börsig.

In his speech, Mayor Müller made clear that sufficient clean groundwater would be essential for the region and also the protection of the river Jagst would be of enormous importance. He called the modernisation done in the past when, among other, the HUBER ROTAMAT® Complete Plant Ro5 HD was installed, a “quantum leap”. ”Whether nature, the environment or the people living here, we want the best for all and feel we are now in best hands with HUBER”, he summed up.

Business Unit Manager Paul Neumaier, Mayor Müller and Chief Officer Lars Freytag signing the contract
Mr. Dix and Mr. Steegmüller together with the HUBER Service Advisor Frank Hill and HUBER Team Leader Josef Stephan on site

Protection of the investments made, high operating reliability and low calculable operating and personnel costs on site, these were the determining intentions for their decision to conclude a HUBER Service and Maintenance Contract. Moreover, they are happy that their own staff can now benefit from the continuous knowhow transfer and the expertise and experience of the HUBER Service specialists.

After the contract signing ceremony and handing over the contract documents, the group made a tour of the sewage treatment together and used this opportunity to exchange with the staff on site.

The HUBER machines installed have always operated reliably for more than ten years. Nevertheless, the site staff is happy about the HUBER Service and Maintenance Contract. They especially hope for a regular exchange of knowledge and an even better understanding for their plant. More than true are the words coming from the sewage works operator Mr. Steegmüller:

Like parents often hardly notice how fast their child is growing up, we who are working on site may quickly lose sight of optimal plant operation.“

According to Mr. Steegmüller and Mr. Dix it is especially reliability of operation and a trouble-free process on the whole sewage treatment plant works that plays a very important role for them, in addition to the reasons stated above. This is ensured by preventive maintenance and inspection from HUBER.

Left to right: Frank Hill, Josef Stephan, Paul Neumaier, Mayor Raimund Müller, Verena Burger, Chief Officer Lars Freytag, Elmar Börsig

We would like to thank the municipality of Jagstzell once again, Mayor Müller and Chief Officer Lars Freytag as well as all site staff involved, for their confidence in HUBER and look forward to a long, successful partnership!

Facts and Figures of STP Jagstzell:

  • Installed HUBER machines on site:

    • 1 HUBER Complete Plant ROTAMAT® Ro5 HD 45 l/s with inlet screen
    • 1 HUBER Wash Press WAP® 2
    • 1 HUBER Grit Washer RoSF4 TC

  • Design size 2,800 PE
  • Receiving water body river Jagst
  • Two persons as site staff


We want to guarantee for you also in the future at the best and comprehensively the services in the field of wastewater treatment required due to ever increasing standards. We recommend:

HUBER Service and Maintenance Contracts
„On the safe side with a HUBER Service partnership“

Preventive maintenance and inspection on a high manufacturer quality level and their extensive benefits for the customer, such as

  • high operational reliability
  • high machine performance
  • calculable, low operating costs
  • maintenance of value and investment security
  • professional and reliable support of the operating staff on site
  • detailed documentation and report of results after each maintenance for the plant managers

are decisive and of a high benefit for our customers. These are factors gaining increasingly in importance, both in Germany and abroad.

Signing a HUBER Service and Maintenance Contract will guarantee you maximum operating reliability at constantly high product performance and at the same time low and calculable operating costs!

The contract provides regular, load and status dependent maintenance and detailed inspection by a HUBER service engineer. The results of any service inspection and maintenance are recorded carefully and precisely in the HUBER Maintenance Checklist.

HUBER Service Contracts include, of course, our guarantee for operating reliability and product availability until the next servicing date.
We confirm this with our special addtional guarantee you receive as a function and operation guarantee for our equipment under regular service!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to make sure to be on the safe side with a HUBER Service Partnership like meanwhile 1,000 satisfied sewage plant operators in Germany alone!

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