HUBER Membrane Filtration BioMem®

The complete solution for decentralized wastewater treatment of small units up to 3,000 PE, mobile and stationary units

HUBER offers tailored complete systems for onsite solution of the customer’s wastewater problem – decentralised, independent and sustainable. The modular, flexible design of the innovative HUBER BioMem® Compact MBR System is adjustable for different local conditions and individual requirements.

  • Sewage treatment system for hotels and other tourist facilities
  • Villages and residential developments
  • Industry and business enterprises

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HUBER BioMem® systems are available in different operation and installation options, both for municipal and industrial applications. The compact units meet highest effluent quality requirements.

Optimally applied, the innovative HUBER BioMem® Compact MBR System reduces fresh water consumption to 80%, and the clarified water can directly be reused as service water. Decentralised wastewater treatment with membrane technology guarantees clean water of highest quality where the connection to existing sewer systems is difficult to achieve and wherever there is a high demand for water recycling.

Designed for up to 3,000 persons the systems are available as mobile plants or stationary units, they can be installed above ground or optionally underground and are frost-proof.




  • Complete wastewater treatment concept for up to 3,000 PE
  • Maximum effluent quality due to membrane filtration that retains virtually all germs, suitable to be reused for irrigation
  • Comprehensive solution including mechanical treatment, biological process and sludge treatment
  • Maximum process reliability with the option for fully automated operation
  • Mobile containerised units available
  • The decentralised solution eliminates the need for expensive sewer building work or modification of existing public sewers
  • Minimum space requirements due to the compact design and innovative SMBR process
  • Reduced fresh water demand due to water reuse
  • Modular design



The HUBER BioMem® system is availabe in different installation options. The plants can be optimally tailored to fit the application requirements by the number of installed BioMem® modules.

The system components are selected to fit the specific application requirements. Associated components can be added to the basic MBR system.

MBR operation mode

In this process variant the HUBER BioMem® modules are used as filtration step in the well-proven membrane bioreactor process (MBR). The degradation of dissolved contaminants takes place within the bioreactor, prior to actual membrane filtration within the filtration chamber where the HUBER BioMem® modules are installed. The number of installed modules depends on the specific process layout tailored to fit the application requirements. 

Installation option „Building”

Usually, HUBER HUBER BioMem® Compact MBR systems are installed outdoors in a concrete tank. But they can also be optimally situated in enclosed buildings, i.e. basements of hotels or skyscrapers, customers’ tanks or other tanks.


Design Sketch

Design Sketch

HUBER BioMem® - MBR operation mode
HUBER BioMem® - MBR operation mode
HUBER BioMem® - SMBR operation mode
HUBER BioMem® - SMBR operation mode
HUBER BioMem® - building option
HUBER BioMem® - building option
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