Team for ‘Green Building’ water solutions

Growth in demand for water recycling and wastewater energy use drives expansion in service team: HUBER provides dedicated team for ‘Green Building’ water solutions

Leading wastewater equipment manufacturer HUBER has launched a specialist team to provide water solutions for Green Buildings. The team will work with Architects, Engineers and Contractors, or directly with Clients, to deliver complete wastewater recycling and energy recovery solutions for medium to large buildings.

 “The increasing awareness of water needing to be used sustainably has resulted in rapid growth in demand for small scale local treatment to allow recycling” says HUBER CEO Georg Huber. “These solutions must to be incorporated from the start of the design phase of a building and we recognized the need for a dedicated team to provide this specialist support to design teams”.

The new team will be led by Mr Nick Meeten. Nick is a New Zealand born engineer with over 15 years experience as a building services design consultant. “Having spent much of my career as a member of consultant design teams, I’m confident I understand what support they need and we will strive to provide this”.

The ‘Green Buildings’ team will be formally launched at IFAT 2010 which takes place in Munich during September. Here the new team will have a dedicated area on the HUBER stand.


For detailed information see: HUBER Solutions for Green Buildings