Successful Relaunch of

Our upgraded website for North America excels with a new design and extended content and functionality

We are proud to announce that our subsidiary Huber Technology Inc. in USA has started their new internet presence in October 2009, just in time for the upcoming Weftec fair.

This relaunch provides a totally new and modern design with further improved structure and content.

According to Huber’s philosophy "To the customers optimal benefit" the focus of the development of this new website was on how to offer our visitors the best possible convenience and provide them with the latest information.
Besides comprehensive information about all HUBER Products we included a new category HUBER Solutions, offering visitors a process-oriented approach and presenting, in graphical form, a wide variety of processes for wastewater and sludge treatment, for municipal as well as industrial applications, for centralized and decentralized treatment, including water reuse options. Visitors can easily find the process they are interested in, and the respective HUBER Solutions we offer. Links to all shown HUBER Products are also provided. Visitors are guided through processes and can easily identify suitable solutions and products.

In addition to a general search function, our new website also offers a Product & Solution Finder. This special search function guides visitors, by means of an intuitive keyword index, to the information they are looking for. The Product & Solution Finder is an internal search engine.

The completely database-supported system allows to earlier provide updated information and sharing its structure and content also with Visitors benefit from the quick system, its up-to-dateness and modern data organisation with logical cross connections between all information provided.

We invite you to visit our new website and hope that you will enjoy your browsing. We look forward to your visit!