Start-up of the HUBER MBR on WWTP Hutthurm


After one year building time the formal dedication of the membrane filtration stage of the municipal WWTP Hutthurm took place on 11 September 2008.

In the presence of Bavarian Environment Minister, Dr. Otmar Bernhard, local politicians and the companies and planning offices involved in construction the largest MBR system in the State of Bavaria was officially inaugurated. The new plant clarifies the wastewater of the municipality Hutthurm and the connected beverage industries.

Due to the high quality of the plant effluent (free of solids and bacteria) the sensitive river Ilz landscape is preserved – a contribution to sustainable environmental protection.

For Hans Huber AG the project is one of the largest MBR plants ever built and the second largest plant in Bavaria within one year. Both plants operate meanwhile under normal conditions and prove the significant advantages of HUBER VRM® plants in terms of energy consumption and easy operation.