SPANGLER and HUBER celebrate a 25-year cooperation

Together we are strong – at home and in the world

Two family-owned companies with a longer than 200-year tradition and a total of more than 700 employees at their headquarters: Both HUBER SE at Berching and SPANGLER GMBH at Dietfurt are specialists in their field. They complement each other, profit from each other and have achieved a lot together. Both companies are proud to look back on 25 years of cooperation – reason enough to celebrate.

SPANGLER AUTOMATION invited its business partner from Berching to their headquarters at Dietfurt for an official ceremony. The representatives of both companies reviewed their common history and looked into the future, for both are in complete agreement that this is not the end of the story but will hopefully continue for a long time yet.

Down-to-earth and attached to their hometowns

Hannelore Spangler, managing director of SPANGLER GMBH, presented impressing pictures – a time travel through long years of cooperation between two local companies. She pointed out the successes both have achieved together, traced the development of both companies, and revealed some anecdotes from a quarter fo century. "Thank you for so many years of trust from Huber! We are proud to have such a strong partner by our side"; said Hannelore Spangler to Georg Huber, CEO of HUBER SE, and Dr. Oliver Rong, Vice CEO.

SPANGLER would especially appreciate the consequent innovative vigour of the market leader and trendsetter from Berching. They would always have felt appreciated as a supplier and be happy that HUBER has always worked together with them on how to gain and maintain technology leadership. "We may be different in size but we have a great deal in common though", added Hannelore Spangler. "It is important for both of us to have our feet on the ground and feel at home where we have our headquarters. We feel committed to our region and can be sure of our local employees' commitment." It would be the employees who make both companies so successful. Besides, their regional networks and friendship would go far beyond merely working together.

There is no guarantee for such a success story

Also Georg Huber, CEO of HUBER SE, called the 25-year cooperation a success story. "Such a long partnership cannot be taken for granted in our fast-moving world", he said. "We are not just two companies working successfully together, it is above all the people working at Spangler and HUBER who, with their mutual understanding, trust and respect, make our cooperation so successful for the benefit of all parties involved."

Future development

SPANGLER and HUBER will rely on a close partnership on the basis of mutual trust also in the future. As in the past they both want to contribute their ideas, work on products together and further develop them continuously. Hannelore Spangler provided a projection for the coming years: "Together we want to identify the requirements of customers and markets, both locally and globally, and remain strong employers also in the future". Georg Huber added that it would become increasingly important to involve suppliers in the development of new products to make sure to get the best available expert knowledge from special fields which has been gained by the experts over many years of experience. "SPANGLER has been a very reliable and innovative partner in this respect for many years who has contributed decisively to the market success of our machine and plants."

A bee colony as a thank-you gift

SPANGLER GMBH had a special gift for HUBER SE for 25 years of cooperation: Helmut Graspointner, second managing director, handed over a bee colony to Georg Huber for the new Huber-Natur-Park. "Bees are essential for our environment, and HUBER is essential for the environmental engineering sector", explained Helmut Graspointner. The colony of bees would symbolise the many hard working employees who stand behind the 25-year partnership. "The honeycombs characterise how interwoven we both are. Furthermore, they are a symbol of our local and global networking", he added.

HUBER SE received also a display cabinet and nine presentation boards for their new nature park from SPANGER GmbH. In addition, HUBER SE was handed over a "maintenance contract" for the bees who will be visited once a week by an expert to make sure they stay fit and healthy. All guests enjoyed a special "electrifying" quick-lunch meal with three courses which was prepared by gourmet chef Johann Herrler. Afterwards, everyone was free to take home one or two small glasses of honey.


Today, HUBER processes exclusively stainless steels and manufactures machines and equipment for water supply, wastewater disposal and solids/liquid separation. SPANGLER GmbH has always been the automation partner for HUBER machines. In the course of the years both companies have developed and built machines together, from simply electrical engineering solutions up to very complex process engineering systems. Presently, they are working on two major international projects. HUBER and SPANGLER supplied machines and electrical control systems to Sochi in Russia where the 2014 Winter Olympics take place. The second big project is the largest sewage treatment plant in the world in Atotonilco, Mexico, for which HUBER and SPANGLER supplied the complete mechanical pretreatment equipment.