sludge2energy project awarded in innovation contest

On 13 December the sludge2energy project was in the public spotlight: The innovative system for environmentally and climate-friendly disposal of sewage sludge was awarded as one of the winners of the nationwide innovation contest ‘365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas’.

On the occasion of the award ceremony Bernd Sauter, chairman of the management board of Deutsche Bank, pointed out: “Decentralized sewage sludge incineration provides for cost-efficient and eco-friendly disposal and represents an innovative option how to produce energy. ’sludge2energy’ combines sustainability and visionary thinking and is therefore trend-setting for Germany as a location for business.”

Dr. Ing. E.h. Hans Huber, CEO of HUBER SE, is proud of the award: „We are happy to have been selected as landmark in the Land of Ideas with our sludge2energy project. Our concept of decentralized sewage sludge utilisation permits the disposal of sewage sludge in small plants in the immediate vicinity of the source of origin. This avoids long transport routes and provides municipalities with a disposal option that guarantees long-term security. My special thanks go to the municipality of Straubing. Without their courage to go pioneer new ways, it wouldn’t have been possible for HUBER to implement for the first time such an innovative project.”

The sludge2energy project Straubing is designed for the utilisation of approx. 10,000 tons of dewatered sewage sludge per year. This sewage sludge is fed into the belt drying plant, which reduces the water content to approx. 35% while drying the sludge at approx. 100°C. This reduced water content is the precondition for sludge incineration without adding external energy. The whole process is thus energy-autarkic. The energy generated through sewage sludge incineration is used for sludge drying. At the end, 1400 t of sewage sludge ash remain from originally 10,000 t dewatered sewage sludge. As the sewage sludge from the sludge2energy process is rich in phosphorus, the ash represents a ‘resource’ for future phosphorus recovery.

Germany – Land of Ideas initiative:
The sludge2energy project was selected as ambassador for the Land of Ideas from more than 2,000 submitted applications. The 2009 event is already the fourth in a series organised by Deutsche Bank and Germany – Land of Ideas e.V. under the patronage of German President Horst Köhler. „With their creativity, know-how and passion the selected landmarks 2009 are the spine that makes Germany a ‘Land of Ideas’ with a wealth of ideas and inventiveness. We can see every day how the nationwide network of ideas is growing owing to the enormous potential we find here”, justifies Bernd Sauter the strong commitment of Deutsche Bank to this initiative.

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