Karl-Josef Huber receives State Medal Award

On 24th October Karl-Josef Huber was awarded the State Medal by the Bavarian State Ministry of economics, infrastructure, transport and technology for his outstanding achievements for the Bavarian economy.
Karl-Josef Huber together with the Bavarian state minister of economics Martin Zeil

Karl-Josef Huber together with the Bavarian state minister of economics Martin Zeil

When Karl-Josef Huber took over the family business in 1968 together with his brother, the company counted 25 employees. Since that time it has continuously grown, meanwhile HUBER SE has become a firmly established global player in the field of water and wastewater technology. About 950 employees worldwide work in the HUBER Group and its subsidiaries around the globe, 550 of them at the company headquarters in Berching. At the beginning of 2010, Karl-Josef Huber left the board of directors and became a member of the supervisory board. In his new position he is, of course, still available with help and advice.

In his laudation for the highest Bavarian award State Minister Martin Zeil pointed out that HUBER has kept its core production at Berching despite ever increasing export sales, true to the motto ‘Active worldwide – At home in Bavaria’. With loyalty to its roots, the company has always taken seriously its responsibility to train and educate employees. Today, more than 50 trainees work in various skilled trades and dual study courses. Furthermore, Karl-Josef Huber has always been aware of the importance of environmental protection. Still in his position as managing director he employed an environmental protection manager. Karl-Josef Huber placed the focus not only on the manufacture of products for environmental protection but also on eco-friendly production processes that meet all applicable environmentally relevant standards.

The audience was also reminded of Karl-Josef Huber’s exemplary commitment he showed in his position as municipal councillor from 1990 to 2002 with a significant influence on the development of his home town. In addition, HUBER SE has always sponsored various events and supported projects of social facilities, local associations, sports clubs and schools.

Proud of his lifetime achievement, Karl-Josef Huber accepted the State Medal with great pleasure. The Ludwig-Erhard hall in the Bavarian State Ministry with its extraordinary ambience was the perfect location to hold the award ceremony and hand over the State Medal to 14 special persons.