Huber will build world's biggest belt drying plant for sewage sludge in China

HUBER signs a contract for the supply of a sewage sludge drying plant to Shenzhen, China

Dr. Ing. E.h. Hans Huber (chairman of the executive board of Hans HUBER Huber AG) and Mr. Fu Bo (managing director of Shenzhen Nanshan Power Co., Ltd.) signing the contract

The Hans Huber AG has been active in China for more than 10 years and supplied numerous machines and plants for wastewater and sludge treatment. China became aware some time ago already that it is necessary to pay particular attention to environmental protection. The climate protection discussion and steadily increasing energy prices add to the growing importance of the idea of closed loop recycling management.

The Chinese government recently issued a program for the use of exhaust heat from power plants to reduce climate-damaging CO2 gases. The Shenzhen Nanshan Power Co., Ltd. generate in their power plants electric and thermal energy, producing thereby a lot of so far unused exhaust heat. To reasonably use this exhaust heat in future, the power plant operators have developed in cooperation with HUBER a concept that used the excess exhaust heat for sewage sludge drying. The fact that the power plant is located in the immediate vicinity of the wastewater treatment plant facilitates the practical implementation of the idea.

Shenzhen is an extremely fast growing city in China very close to Hong Kong. The numerous industrial enterprises located there and the presently 12 million inhabitants produce enormous amounts of wastewater, the treatment of which in turn produces immense amounts of sewage sludge. The amount of 400 t sewage sludge will be treated per day in future in a HUBER sludge drying plant that utilises the exhaust heat from the power plant to reduce the sludge volume to about one quarter, at the same time increasing the heating value of the sewage sludge to the level of brown coal so that the dried sludge can be reused somewhere else as an energy source – a both ecologically and economically reasonably solution in view of the steadily increasing energy demand and energy prices.

The belt drying plant to be supplied by HUBER for Shenzhen will be the biggest in the world of its kind and is scheduled to be put into operation in spring 2009. A delegation of high-ranking representatives of Shenzhen Nanshan Power Cooperation and the city of Shenzhen travelled to Berching to sign the contract. They also used the opportunity to visit the international water and wastewater trade fair IFAT at Munich and some HUBER reference installations.