HUBER solutions close to customers worldwide

From March 26 to 28, HUBER's sales meeting for the Middle East region and Africa takes place in the United Arab Emirates. The event is very well attended with nearly 100 participants taking part in intensive discussions about successful marketing and customer support.

Nearly 100 participants taking part in intensive discussions about markets and innovative solutions

Atif Gafar, CEO of MENA WATER FZC, during his presentation

New markets in Africa require new approaches. Especially package plants for drinking water treatment are of particular interest, but also the field of wastewater treatment. With the technologies and expertise of our subsidiary MENA Water, we have excellent prerequisites for these fields.

We organized also a special session with the participation of customers of the most important municipalities in the UAE where we presented and discussed intensively with them our latest developments and experiences in package plants, mechanical treatment, the HUBER CarbonWin® system and sludge treatment solutions.

Like in almost all markets in the world, especially the topics sludge treatment and sludge utilisation are of greatest interest. Our solutions, from mechanical sludge treatment to utilisation and incineration, show the right approach and ways to solution.

The regional sales meeting is a great event and complete success!