HUBER SE awarded for its lighthouse project for heat recovery from wastewater

At IFAT 2010, on 15 September 2010, the Bavarian Environmental Technology Cluster ("Umweltcluster Bayern") awarded the lighthouse project status to HUBER’s TherminWin project at WWTP Straubing.

Future-oriented, sustainable innovations attract interest. This is a fact HUBER SE repeatedly has experienced from a variety of projects and new developments but nevertheless is always happy to receive positive feedback from the markets and professional organisations.

Also with this latest innovative project we feel confirmed in having chosen and pursued the right way with heat recovery from wastewater. The ThermWin® project Straubing demonstrates that wastewater is a valuable resource. A specially developed heat exchanger extracts heat from wastewater that is used by heat pump for heating purposes.

The project will be completed by the end of the year. The installed system will heat 100 apartments in the city of Straubing and also ensure their hot water supply. More than 210 kW energy is extracted from the wastewater of the nearby sewer. This energy directly saves fossil fuels.