HUBER invited top suppliers

“Customer satisfaction is our motivation and obligation. Let’s join efforts for mutual success!“ - true to this motto HUBER's top 100 suppliers were invited to attend the Suppliers’ Day held at Hirschberg Palace on 11 March.

Over 85 representatives of HUBER suppliers followed our invitation despite bad weather conditions and long journeys for some of them. We are continuously trying to maintain good contacts to our suppliers. Many processes can be optimized with reliable and quality-conscious suppliers, provided there is a permanent exchange of information. As good cooperation is of enormous importance for suppliers and customers, HUBER is continuously trying to improve business relations. In 2009, after the implementation of a supplier rating system, HUBER awarded the supplier prize for the first time to its three best suppliers. In the future, the prize will be awarded annually on the occasion of the Suppliers’ Day.

On 11 March 2010, the invited guests met in the impressive reception hall of Hirschberg Palace to enter into direct dialogue with the entire team of the HUBER purchase department. Head of purchasing Roland Kuffner and head of resort Dr. Oliver Rong welcomed the guests in the imposing auditorium of the palace.

As an introduction, Dr. Rong spoke about the milestones in the company history and presented the new performance figures. He also pointed out the expectations HUBER has on the performance of its suppliers. To improve delivery times for HUBER customers and be able to offer competitive solutions, Dr. Rong places the focus on trustful, reliable and cooperative business relationships over a long-time period.

Roland Kuffner explained in his presentations the company’s purchasing policy, before his colleague Sigrid Nerreter followed with her contribution. According to Roland Kuffner, HUBER purchases its goods from a pool of about 1,250 suppliers, with the considerable large part of the purchasing volume being supplied by the top 120 suppliers. Owing to the supplier management system, their adherence to delivery dates improved from 89.79% last year to 93% in 2010. Kuffner praised these improvements but said they are not yet fully satisfactory for the long-established family business in his opinion.

In the following, quality manager Eugen Hini and head of commercial sales Klaus Bühring delivered a deeper insight into internal processes. As a quality company, HUBER attaches great importance to the reliable quality of goods purchased, especially of stainless steel, said Eugen Hini. But also ecological awareness plays an essential role for the company. HUBER is always searching for alternative to environmentally unfriendly materials and considers this aspect also when purchasing new products.

A short digression into HUBER’s research activities presented by Dr. Stefania Paris, head of R&D department, and the presentation of the department’s targets by Roland Kuffner gave the audience an impression of the company’s potential and plans for the future.

“Customer satisfaction is our motivation and obligation. Let’s join efforts for mutual success!“ concluded Roland Kuffner before he and Dr. Rong officially closed the event. Definitely, the guests were visibly impressed by the extraordinary ambience and the excellent food and beverages served by the palace personnel.