HUBER goes for sustainability with the use of green electricity

Ecological awareness is an inherent part of our corporate philosophy.
In January 2014, HUBER started to use 100% green electricity - an active contribution to reducing the emissions of climate-damaging gases

In January 2014, HUBER started to use 100% green electricity

Responsibility for the environment and society:

Our products and services contribute to protecting the environment and we are committed to ensuring that our products and services act in accordance with the principles of sustainability. It is our aim to meet the social responsibility our company has.

As a manufacturing company we need a variety of machine tools to manufacture our products. In our production halls we use several turning lathes, trimming presses, laser cutting machines, etc.

All these machines need electric power so that the annual current consumption of HUBER SE amounts to about 3,400,000 kWh. This is an enormous amount, approximately equivalent to the average annual consumption of 1,000 private households.

Depending on how the electricity is produced, more or less CO2 is generated or even no CO2 at all. In Europe, on average approximately 430 g CO2 per 1 kWh current are emitted (mixed European electricity). If we calculate our annual current demand on the basis of this average CO2 reference, the result is approximately 1500 t annual CO2 production. It would take more than 100,000 trees to compensate this emission.

We have therefore decided to use 100% green electricity from January 2014 on. This will help us to take a big step forward in our efforts for more environmental and climate protection.

We will purchase our green electricity from the Austrian supplier "Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG". They produce the green electricity exclusively in small and big water power plants in Austria. This has been certified by the Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV).

The use of electricity from water power helps us save 1500 t of CO2 per year. This is an active contribution to reducing the emission of climate-damaging gases.

We will nevertheless continue to do everything to use electric power as efficiently as possible. The use of green electricity will be no excuse for us to stop our efforts to save energy.

by Dr.-Ing. Johann Grienberger, member of the board