Discover innovative solutions to increase water and energy efficiency at IFAT ENTSORGA 2010 fair where HUBER will exhibit on 1,100 m² in hall A2, stand no. 329, from 13 to 17 September.

Water shortage and the lack of wastewater disposal systems in many countries in the world combined with increasing raw material and disposal costs call for future-proof innovations and intelligent solutions. In times of climate change the development of such solutions needs to take into account the aspect of energy efficiency. HUBER has risen to this challenge by developing innovative products and presents its product range, including future-oriented solutions to increase water and energy efficiency, to the visitors of IFAT ENTSORGA 2010 fair where HUBER will exhibit on 1,100 m² in hall A2, stand no. 329, from 13 to 17 September.

Heat recovery from wastewater

HUBER has broken new ground in the field of heat recovery from wastewater and opened new application possibilities. “We are experiencing live the birth of the market of heat recovery from wastewater”, says business unit manager Christian Frommann pointing to the huge potential lying there. Solutions of this kind are a low-cost and sustainable alternative to gas and oil. HUBER early recognised this and is now able to present at IFAT its innovative heat exchanger RoWin® as the core of the ThermWin® system for energy recovery from wastewater.

“Green buildings” for the “city of tomorrow”

Wastewater heat utilisation will increasingly be applied also in the field of building technology. For large building developments, such as high-rise buildings or shopping centres, HUBER offers the possibility to use their wastewater as a regenerative heat source. Since HUBER has developed also groundbreaking solutions for wastewater treatment and reuse of treated wastewater, HUBER is in the position to implement trendsetting concepts for buildings that will be important building blocks for the “city of tomorrow”.

Optimisation and extension of the product range for mechanical treatment

The RakeMax® screening system, well-proven and highly valued in the market, has been completed with another space-saving model, the RakeMax® high flow series. This innovation allows to install the bar rack of the screen at an extremely flat angle even with minimum hydraulic losses while screenings are discharged at a very advantageous steep angle.
For small sewage treatment plants with small grit amounts HUBER has developed a grit washer for connection to the well-proven ROTAMAT® Complete Plant Ro5. This combines all functions in one single plant – screening, screenings treatment, grit removal and grit washing – and ensures cost-efficient operation.
The HUBER RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screen presents itself with an impressively improved performance. Up to 30 individual filter discs increase the throughput by approx. 50% compared to the previous model but with still the same low pressure losses and therefore maximum energy efficiency. This micro screen is offered for advanced wastewater treatment with mesh sizes from as small as 10 µm.
Also the new RoK 2 Storm Screen combines two major functions: throughput measurement with an integrated measuring weir and screening in one single step. The technology used permits the most accurate measurement even with low flow rates. The measuring weir itself is sturdy, reliable and inexpensive.

HUBER membrane systems make wastewater a resource

Innovative HUBER membrane bioreactor systems provide valuable water generated from wastewater. They are already applied to ensure water supply in arid regions. But HUBER offers perfect solutions also for applications with space constraints and/or special wastewater treatment requirements. The new HUBER BioMem® system has been developed to complete the HUBER product range. This innovative system operates according to the SMBR principle. The scouring air is used for both membrane cleaning and biological oxygen supply. For smaller applications, the system is available as a compact containerised unit.

Sludge disposal – a problem of the future solved today

“The sludge disposal issue and energetic utilisation of sewage sludge are gaining in importance worldwide”, says Klaus Martin, HUBER business unit manager for the sludge treatment sector. HUBER has used this as motivation to expand its product range for mechanical sludge treatment and sludge drying.
The HUBER sludge thickening program has been completed by a newly developed drum thickener, which is advantageous due to its high thickening degree and especially economic efficiency. The solar sewage sludge dryer HUBER SRT and the HUBER belt drying system that utilises exhaust heat show impressively that even sewage sludge drying and energy efficiency do not have to be contradictory.