Farewell ceremony for brothers Hans and Karl-Josef Huber after retirement from HUBER SE board of directors

Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hans Huber and his brother Karl-Josef Huber celebrated on 30 April their well-deserved retirement from the HUBER SE board of directors. About 100 invited guest from economy, science and politics, including the works council members and executive managers of HUBER SE, came together at Hirschberg Palace.

Left to right: CEO Georg Huber, supervisory board vice chairman Karl-Josef Huber, supervisory board chairman Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hans G. Huber, vice CEO Dr.-Ing. Oliver Rong.

Dr. Thomas Goppel during his speech

Ceremony guests gathering in front of the reception hall of Hirschberg Palace

The towers of Hirschberg castle in bright sunlight were certainly an impressive view for the guests who followed the invitation. CEO Georg Huber, Hans Huber’s son and successor, had the special honour to welcome all guests in the name of his family and HUBER SE.

After 41 years of corporate responsibility for the management of the tradition-rich family business the two brothers changed to the HUBER SE supervisory board in March 2010. Dr.-Ing. Hans Huber since then is chairman of the supervisory board while Karl-Josef Huber has taken over the position of vice chairman.

In view of the growing number of employees, continuously increasing production area and sales figures, Hans and Karl-Josef Huber can proudly look back on their lifework. Numerous speakers appreciated their merits, among others Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke, Prof. (retd.) Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Peter Wilderer, District Administrator Albert Löhner and former Minister of State Dr. Thomas Goppel. Furthermore, the regional Chamber of Commerce awarded them its golden roll of honour. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Rong, Vice CEO of HUBER SE and son-in-law of Karl-Josef Huber, presented a review on 175 years of company history with the focus on Hans and Karl-Josef Huber’s outstanding achievements. As a successful completion of the lively, not at all melancholic ceremony, former State Secretary Hans Spitzner moderated a panel discussion that offered the guests the opportunity to ask questions.

HUBER would be growing continuously like a healthy tree, symbolized Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke and compared the brothers’ retirement with the commencement of a new growth ring. In fact, the company counted only about 20 employees when Hans Huber left TU Munich as graduate engineer and took over the family business together with this brother in 1969. Now, in 2010, a workforce of over 900 is employed worldwide, 500 of them at Berching. Bishop Hanke, however, does not expect the two retirees lazy enjoying their well-earned retirement. In view of their still continuing commitment to economy and science, he sees them rather in active retirement. His ‘Thanks and God Bless’ were especially for their loyalty to the company’s location that provides secure jobs for many people around Berching.

Announced as distinctive research personality, Prof. (retd.) Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Peter Wilderer of TU Munich expressed his appreciation in the name of science. Worldwide dialogue with researchers and scientists would be an outstanding feature of HUBER SE, said the water management expert. “On a give-and-take basis HUBER cooperates closely with universities and research institutions. HUBER offers talented researchers the chance of self-realization and in turn can contribute innovative solutions to combating the water problems in the world. Economy, environment, customers, science – all of them profit from the development of new approaches and solutions.”

Paul Reiter, top-ranking representative of IWA, the leading international water management organisation, said in his speech that there is much talk about water these days and underlined that HUBER does not talk much but act. He pointed out that HUBER has understood that the worldwide water problems can only be solved with adapted technologies for the specific problems of individual countries. He appreciated that HUBER considers it a duty to offer solutions for all.

Live music performed by the Stadler Quartet accompanied the ceremony and in the opinion of keynote speaker Dr. Goppel was a highlight as perfect as the job done by Karl-Josef and Hans Huber, for everything done with commitment and passion would be perfect and its intensity inspiring. The prominence of the audience would reflect what a major role HUBER plays both economically and scientifically, said Goppel. In his characteristically entertaining manner he reflected on the previous speakers’ core statements. He said, it had been important for the company’s substance to have two as distinctive and unique company managers as Hans and Karl-Josef Huber. He excluded all possibility of doubt that their retirement will rather be a change than a leave and expressed the hope that both, in their new position as supervisory board chairmen, will continue to support HUBER SE with their expertise for many years to come.