Water supply for Owumunam, Ghana

The HUBER Technology Foundation supports Shepherd Pido and Jakob Reinhard of the organisation Technik ohne Grenzen (Technology without Borders, Germany): making the local public aware of the issue water and the water cycle is one of the keys to sustainability and success.

Numerous water well projects have been implemented but in many cases it happens that the successful completion of the project is documented with some nice photos for the donators and all parties involved before much of the project is forgotten after some years. This is also the reason why an estimated $300 million have got "lost" in water well construction.

A study has shown that some water wells, for example in Ghana, are still functional, even after 20 years. Instead of just drilling for water the organisations have created the necessary structures and the people's awareness for water and its circulation.

The project in Owumunam has therefore a strong focus on interdisciplinarity. Even if the technical engineering approach is also important, it is not the major part of this project. In this case, it is mainly about to provide the people living there with the necessary knowledge –  about the value and economical use of water on the one hand, and about the social structures required to maintain the well for a long time on the other hand. This is the only way to guarantee sustainability.

The village has made the first step and shown that they are willing to follow this way by starting to collect money for a maintenance and repair fond. By the cooperation between the German regional groups of Technik ohne Grenzen in Munich and Cape Coast in Ghana, the two students Shepherd Pido and Jakob Reinhard together with their project team are intensively collaborating across cultural barriers. Their sometimes different views on the topic broadens the perspectives of both and helps them find the best possible solution. The main focus is on developing a maintenance and repair workshop to sensitise the local people for the issue and thus ensure the safe and reliable water supply for the village in the long term.

All the best wishes from the HUBER Technology Foundation for the successful completion of the project! We will support the two students with a donation.