“Upcycling instead of drainpipe“: HUBER SE supports project “Every drop counts” in Neumarkt Region

HUBER SE supports the project “Jeder Tropfen zählt” (“Every drop counts”) for the collection of used cooking fats and oils from private households in the region. The Berching-based company helps the initiators Hubert Zenk and Heiko Lesch in financial form. In the Neumarkt region, collection machines are located in Berching and Freystadt.

  • Automatic collection machines in Berching and Freystadt: Project for the collection of used cooking fats and oils from private households has been running since mid-July
  • HUBER SE supports “Jeder Tropfen zählt” for reasons of sustainability, environmental protection and regional sourcing
  • Vice CEO Dr. Oliver Rong: “HUBER takes the issues of sustainability and environmental protection in the region into account”

“Collect – Transform – Progress“: these are the three keywords used by the “Jeder Tropfen zählt” project initiated by Hubert Zenk and Heiko Lesch to promote the collection and recycling of used cooking fats and oils from private households. To collect the full containers, collection machines are available in Berching and Freystadt, among other places, where the old cooking fat and oil can be handed in. Sponsor of the project is HUBER SE.

On Friday, July 23, the team presented the project at a collection machine in Freystadt. Dr. Oliver Rong (Vice CEO HUBER SE), District Administrator Willibald Gailler, Berching’s First Mayor Ludwig Eisenreich and Freystadt’s Mayor Alexander Dorr had their say. “This project is a good idea and HUBER is very happy to support it as a company rooted in the region. We are an innovative environmental company and take the issues of sustainability and environmental protection into account by supporting ‘Jeder Tropfen zählt’, which we are very proud of,” said Dr. Oliver Rong, Vice CEO and Chief Production & Technical Officer of HUBER SE.

“Sustainable management is the order of the day”: Why this project protects the environment and climate

Oil and cooking fats cause serious blockages when disposed in wastewater pipes because they have to be flushed free at great expense and fresh water. Grease deposits also generate high cleanup costs at wastewater treatment plants: one kilogram of used cooking oil in the sewer system can contaminate up to 40,000 liters of fresh water. Upcycling converts used cooking oil into climate-friendly biofuel while reducing CO2 emissions. “Sustainable management is the order of the day,” said District Administrator Willibald Gailler. Ludwig Eisenreich expressed his heartfelt thanks to HUBER SE and said that he was immediately convinced by this project.

Upcycling instead of drainpipe: how the project works

You collect fat in the heat-resistant bottles from “Jeder Tropfen zählt”, which were distributed to households in Berching and Freystadt from mid-July. You then hand in the full bottle at the collection machines. The collected used cooking oil is then processed and used to produce climate-friendly biofuel. This “upcycling” process can produce biofuel for a range of 20 kilometers (about 12.4 miles) from one bottle of used cooking oil.