HUBER investing in location Berching-Erasbach again

On July 5, politicians of the administrative district Neumarkt visited HUBER SE under the heading of “Innovation Exchange – Politics Meets Business”, among them State Minister Albert Füracker, head of the district authority Willibald Gailler and the mayor of Berching, Ludwig Eisenreich. On that occasion, they attended also the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of HUBER's production hall by another 2,600 square metres.

Albert Füracker and Ludwig Eisenreich congratulated HUBER on the new plant extension and promised to contribute their part to make the local living environment as attractive as possible to counter the problem of progressing skills shortage in the region. Dr. Rong gave a brief overview of the company history dating back to the year 1786, especially referring to the milestones in the company’s product portfolio. Dr. Rong further added: “HUBER employs presently about 700 people at its Berching headquarters and about 1200 worldwide. This makes HUBER one of the most successful and innovative medium-sized companies that are 100% in the hands of the family.”.

Chief Sales Officer Rainer Köhler then presented the current topics sewage sludge disposal and microplastics filtration. HUBER offers innovative solutions for both fields, including phosphorus recovery through sewage sludge incineration. To illustrate this, he presented an example of calculation for the town of Neumarkt. “We have the technologies that can solve the current problems, now it is up to the municipalities to use them”, he concluded and invited everyone to now put the spades in the ground.

With the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for the extension of the production hall at the headquarters at Erasbach, the environmental company is taking another step forward in persuing its development concept, increasing its capacities in final assembly and improving the flexibility of the dispatch department. After completion in September 2018, the new production facility will also provide the possibility to receive customers for factory acceptance of HUBER machines.