Hans Huber AG turns to HUBER SE

HUBER emphasizes its international focus: "Hans Huber AG" has been converted as legal successor to a European Corporation "HUBER SE".

Huber SE is the legal successor of Hans Huber AG and automatically takes over all rights and obligations of former Hans Huber AG, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau.

SE stands for Societas Europaea. This Latin expression means European Corporation, the legal form of a stock corporation within the European Union. Colloquially, the SE is often called simply European AG.

Alongside with various legal benefits mainly on business activities within Europe, HUBER as a European Corporation points out that not only Germany but rather the complete European region is seen as home market. With a turnover rate of 70%, the European economic area plays a decisive role for HUBER and is served by 11 subsidiaries. “Our strength in Europe is the premise for opening up more distant markets, such as USA, Latin America and Asia,” board chairman Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hans Huber explains. HUBER sees new markets especially in the field of wastewater reuse as water is scarce in many regions of the world. The innovative technologies offered by HUBER clarify wastewater to a degree that permits its reuse for numerous purposes. A number of further solutions complete the HUBER product range covering the most different requirements around the subject water - wastewater - sludge, both for municipal sewage treatment plants and diverse industrial branches.