First milestone in the new year: HUBER SE welcomes the 800th employee at its Berching headquarters

On Monday, 10 January, HUBER SE welcomed its 800th employee at the company headquarters in Berching. Wilhelm Buchberger was received on his first day of work by the board members Georg Huber, Dr. Oliver Rong and Rainer Köhler as well as Georg Heinzelmann (Head of Project Management) and the HR department.

• Wilhelm Buchberger is the 800th employee at HUBER's headquarters in Berching, Germany

It is a milestone in the 150-year company history of HUBER SE: the company has welcomed its 800th employee, Wilhelm Buchberger, to the company headquarters in Berching. Mr Buchberger officially joined the company on 1 January 2022 and  will strengthen the project management team in the future.

On his first day of work, he was warmly welcomed at the HUBER Forum by the HUBER SE board members Georg Huber (CEO), Dr Oliver Rong (Vice CEO) and Rainer Köhler (Sales Director), as well as by Georg Heinzelmann (Head of Project Management) and the HR department.

From a copper smithy to a leading global company: HUBER is growing steadily

The growth in the number of employees over the past ten years alone is proof of the imposing development the company has taken: at the end of 2011, HUBER employed 603 people, but by 2014 the number had already risen to 694. In 2018, the 700 mark was reached with 703 employees at the end of the year (reporting date at the end of December). Wilhelm Buchberger is now HUBER's 800th employee – and the company's development suggests that the number of employees will continue to rise. Today, HUBER employs more than 1300 people worldwide.

150-year history (1872 – 2022): company always owned by the Huber family

The fact that HUBER can welcome the 800th employee at the Berching site in its anniversary year is a double reason for joy. Since 1872 and thus 150 years, the company has been owned by the Huber family – an anniversary that will be duly celebrated in the course of the year.