A total of 168 years with the company: HUBER SE says goodbye to four employees for well-deserved retirement

On Thursday, 16 December, HUBER SE said goodbye to four long-serving employees as they entered their well-deserved retirement. The employees Richard Bayerschmidt, Wolf-Dietrich Gräper, Roland Kuttig and Erwin Meyer had been with the company for altogether more than 168 years.

A total of 168 years with the company: Erwin Meyer, Roland Kuttig, Richard Bayerschmidt und Wolf-Dietrich Gräper (front row, ltr) got a honouring and retirement farewell by HUBER SE

The executive board, human resources department and works council gave the former employees a fitting farewell and transition into retirement during the official farewell ceremony at the HUBER Forum.

A total of 168 years of professional experience at HUBER: the Berching-based company officially bid farewell to four long-serving and valued employees in retirement. The farewell ceremony took place in compliance with all applicable Corona rules in the HUBER Forum at the company headquarters in Berching. After a meal together, Dr. Oliver Rong (Vice CEO) thanked the employees for their decades of loyalty to the company. Works Council Chairman Robert Freygang, Sales Manager Franz Heindl and Human Resources Manager Michael Hiller also expressed their thanks.

“168 years of experience spread over four employees: You have made a great contribution to the success of the company through your work at HUBER – for this I thank you on behalf of the Executive Board and all employees,” said Vice CEO Dr Oliver Rong. “I wish you all the best for your well-deserved retirement and that you can use and enjoy the extra free time.”

Richard Bayerschmidt: machining and milling, from 1973 to 2021.

What it means to remain loyal to a single company for a (professional) lifetime is shown by the career of Richard Bayerschmidt. He started as an apprentice at HUBER on 3 September 1973 and, following his successful final examination, was employed in the machining department before operating various milling machines from the 1990s until his retirement. Bayerschmidt remained loyal to HUBER until his retirement on 31 August 2021.

Wolf-Dietrich Gräper: field service, North Rhine-Westphalia region, from 1992 to 2021.

Wolf-Dietrich Gräper spent 29 years at HUBER: starting in May 1992, he concentrated as a field sales representative in the North Rhine-Westphalia region on the sale of HUBER products from the Safe Access Solutions (SAS) range. Gräper developed considerable market potential in this area. Until his retirement, which will officially take place on 31 December 2021, he distributed HUBER’s entire product range in the same area.

Roland Kuttig: welder, from 1978 to 2021.

When Roland Kuttig started at HUBER in 1978, the company had not yet specialised in stainless steel alone. So it happened that in his early days as a welder he processed excavator parts and presses made of steel weighing up to 40 tonnes. After the company switched to manufacturing stainless steel products, Roland Kuttig was employed in the body shop of machine manufacture, where he has strengthened the team of the HUBER Wash Press WAP® body manufacture in recent years.

Erwin Meyer: surface finishing, facility manager, etc., from 1973 to 2021.

As an “all-round talent” at HUBER, Erwin Meyer has become known throughout the company: in 48 years of service, Meyer passed through various areas of responsibility after joining the company in September 1973 until his official retirement. He was responsible for surface finishing and pickling of stainless steel products, was deployed as a safety specialist and was a water protection, waste and crane officer. In the final stage of his time at HUBER, he was responsible for lift maintenance and all facility management tasks. Meyer’s final retirement date was 31 May 2021.