1000 sewage treatment plants with a HUBER Service and Maintenance Contract in Germany

It was just on April 1 that we could celebrate the signing of the 1000th Service and Maintenance Contract with a sewage treatment plant in Germany! The plant is located in Jagstzell, a municipality in the Ostalbkreis, a district in the east of Baden-Württemberg.

Over the years, HUBER Service and Maintenance Contracts have developed to become a worldwide highly demanded service product of the HUBER Global Service. Today, such contracts exist for more than 2,500 machines and plants in Germany alone.

The municipality of Jagstzell also decided recently to make use of the extensive benefits of a HUBER Service Contract. Their decision means another milestone in the success history of the HUBER Global Service. At the beginning of April, the HUBER service team together with the municipality’s representatives celebrated this event on site in Baden-Württemberg.

At the celebratory reception in the town hall, Mayor Raimund Müller told about how STP Jagstzell has developed over the years and that especially the installation of the HUBER Complete Plant meant a quantum leap in the sewage treatment plant’s history. ”Whether nature, the environment or the people living here, we want the best for all and feel we are in best hands with HUBER in this respect”, he summed up.

Finally, the group made a tour of the sewage treatment and used this opportunity to exchange with the staff on site. Another milestone of the HUBER Global Service success story has been completed!

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