Innovative solutions to increase water and energy efficiency

HUBER will present a comprehensive range of products and solutions for the fields of drinking water supply, wastewater treatment and sludge treatment at IFAT 2018 from May 14 to 19 in hall A2 (booth no. 351). On a stand area of 1,100 m² HUBER will show a number of technology highlights in the form of real machines and plants, videos, animations and true to detail models. Experienced HUBER specialists will be available for advice for all national and international customers.

One of the major topics for HUBER is digitalisation. By the example of implemented installations and projects – screens, sludge treatment plants and after-sales service – HUBER will give concrete examples that show the possibilities of digitalisation in the field of wastewater and sludge treatment and the enormous potential for future development towards Water 4.0.

Meet us at IFAT 2018 in Munich: Hall A2, Stand 351

Sludge Treatmentclose

Sludge Treatment

The worldwide successfully operated HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® will present itself in three design sizes at IFAT 2018. The machine design has been further optimized and offers now best dewatering efficiency with maximum energy efficiency. Easy operation and maintenance combined with small space requirements are additional advantages of this machine.

With certain types of sludge, the dewatering efficiency can be influenced positively with the use of the newly developed HUBER Inline Mixer IPM. Through an adjustable energy input, even highly viscous and fibre-containing sludge can optimally be flocculated and the performance data of the sludge dewatering system thus influenced positively.

A new size of the HUBER Sludgecleaner STRAINPRESS® will be presented to experts and professionals for the first time at IFAT 2018. The STRAINRESS® 420 is the new development of an inline sludge screening system for throughputs up to 150 m³/h. Coarse material separation and dewatering is performed in one process step. The machine can be integrated into pressure fed pipeline systems. Different screen perforation sizes enable the separation of fibre plaits from sewage sludge as well as the removal of plastic particles from fermentation residues.

HUBER has implemented numerous national and international thermal sewage sludge treatment projects.

For all solar sewage sludge drying projects, HUBER relies on the HUBER Sludge Turner SOLSTICE® in combination with the innovative HUBER climate control system. As a result of continuous further development, HUBER solar sewage sludge dryers excel for their excellent operational reliability, maximum energy efficiency and easiest operation.

The HUBER Belt Dryer BT is a suitable alternative to solar sewage sludge drying. Due to its modular design the belt dryer can be adjusted to specific site conditions both energetically and in its design. Furthermore, innovative concepts for heat extraction from the drying process enable the maximum recovery of energy. The recovered energy can for example be fed to a local heating network. By means of detailed animations, models and videos of implemented sludge drying projects our specialists are happy to demonstrate the capabilities of HUBER's comprehensive sludge drying solutions.

The last step in the process chain is the thermal utilisation of the treated sludge which we provide with our sludge2energy system.

Mechanical Wastewater Treatment close

Mechanical Wastewater Treatment

As HUBER is a global market leader in the field of mechanical wastewater treatment, we will of course show our latest further developments of screens as well.

In addition to the latest design version of the worldwide known HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax®, which will be shown in the different variants RakeMax® HF, RakeMax® J and RakeMax® Hybrid, we will exhibit other well-proven HUBER screens, such as the HUBER Belt Screen EscaMax®, HUBER Coarse Screen TrashMax®, HUBER Rotary Drum Fine Screen ROTAMAT® units and the HUBER Drum Screen LIQUID.

At IFAT 2018, HUBER will for the first time present its newly developed HUBER Belt Screen CenterMax®. This screen has been developed especially for deep and narrow channels and can be applied as both a first treatment stage or a pre-screening system upstream of membrane plants. Due to a fine-tuned range of design sizes we can offer the perfectly suitable machine for throughputs up to 10,000 m³/h.

As a special IFAT highlight we will present the worldwide unique HUBER Safety Vision system. This innovative contaminant detection system for screens uses high-tech sensors to continuously measure the form and size of the coarse materials transported by the screen rake. Whenever the system detects any impermissible coarse material, the screen will be stopped and a warning message sent to the plant operators. Unintentional blockage or damage of the screen or downstream units is reliably prevented by the contaminant detection system.

As a specialist for solids-liquid separation, HUBER has intensely been engaged in, among other, the field of grit separation for decades. With the newly developed HUBER Grit Trap GritWolf® HUBER is setting new standards in grit separation. Due to optimized inflow conditions combined with the advantages of a lamella separator, the HUBER Grit Trap GritWolf® is able to separate 90% of grit of grain size ≥ 75 µm.The new GritWolf® grit trap is available in several sizes for flow rates from 160 m³/h (1 MGD) to 3,150 m³/h (20 MGD).

With the HUBER CarbonWin® System, HUBER offers an interesting possibility of retrofitting sewage treatment plants to change from an aerobic to an anaerobic sludge stabilisation process. The first process step of the HUBER CarbonWin® System is a mechanical treatment stage followed by a grit and grease trap. A HUBER Drum Screen LIQUID is installed downstream of this assembly. The effluent from the drum screen is fed to the aerobic treatment system, whereas the separated fine screenings are thickened and passed on to anaerobic treatment in a digester.

Filtration and Membrane Technologyclose

Filtration and Membrane Technology

For the removal of micropollutants, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals or hormones, which are increasingly the focus of public discussion, HUBER offers for the fourth treatment stage adsorptive elimination of such substances with the use of granulated active carbon. The heart of this process is the HUBER Active Carbon Filter CONTIFLOW® GAC, the efficiency of which can be further increased by combining it with preceding ozonisation.

The HUBER Membrane Filtration VRM® 50 we presented for the first time at IFAT 2016 has proven well in practice, impressing with excellent performance in terms of clarification and energy efficiency.

Industrial Solutions close

Industrial Solutions

In another field of focus, HUBER shows its competence and experience in industrial wastewater treatment for numerous industry sectors. At IFAT 2018, HUBER will primarily focus on solutions for the disposal and paper industry and dairy and meat processing industry. Experienced HUBER specialists will be available to explain to the visitors the projects we have executed and provide expert consultancy in developing new technical concepts.

Drinking Water Safetyclose

Drinking Water Safety

Drinking water safety is a matter of special importance for HUBER. At IFAT 2018, we will show several practical solutions of burglary prevention for objects in the field of drinking water supply and wastewater treatment which need to be protected. With a number of exhibits, we will demonstrate our further developments in the field of attack-proof doors and manhole covers certified to resistance class RC3 according to DIN EN 1672.

After-Sales Serviceclose

After-Sales Service

Extensive, worldwide available after-sales service has been an indispensable element of our portfolio of services for many years already. IFAT 2018 will be an excellent opportunity for the operators of HUBER machines to meet our service specialists in person and obtain first-hand information from the HUBER experts about original HUBER spare parts, HUBER repairs and HUBER maintenance contract options. Our especially developed condition monitoring system HUBER Operation Control is another step forward in providing the most optimized support to our customers and all operators of HUBER machines. The HUBER Operation Control system uses most advanced technology to collect defined machine data, store them in a cloud and analyse them with a specially developed HUBER evaluation software. If the system detects any deviation, the customer will immediately be notified. IFAT 2018 visitors will have the opportunity to assure themselves of the potential and various benefits of this innovative technology.


IFAT 2018 offers every visitor the chance to experience first hand a great variety of HUBER products. On a 1,100 m² stand area we will present more than 50 exhibits. Our engineering specialists look forward to inspiring discussions on interesting issues.