HUBER Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our company has remained a family owned business since its foundation in 1834. We offer our customers systems and services together with products that can purify, save and protect water. With the help of our employees, we develop and produce our products for national and international distribution. Our employees support our customers every day, all over the world.

Creating and maintaining a safe working environment that promotes health and performance contributes to the success and secure future of our company. Occupational health and safety is therefore an important part of our mission statement.

The following principles are applied at HUBER SE. We thus stand by our responsibility towards our employees and their families.

Safe and healthy workplaces
We as HUBER SE are committed to providing safe and healthy workplaces for our employees. By taking appropriate preventive measures, we want to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses and promote the health of our employees.
Occupational health and safety is the responsibility of the executive board, managers, employees and employee representatives. All work responsibly to implement the necessary occupational health and safety measures.

Setting goals for occupational health and safety
We work with our employees to define annual occupational health and safety goals. We make sure that managers and employees are aware of the goals and actively participate in their implementation. The resources required to achieve the goals are planned and made available in consultation with the company management.

Compliance with all legal obligations and other requirements
We are committed to complying with all relevant laws and regulations (e.g. accident prevention regulations of the employers' liability insurance associations) as well as binding obligations in occupational health and safety. We attach importance to a trusting relationship with authorities, institutions and other qualified partners (e.g. external service providers).

Avoiding and eliminating hazards and dangers
We practise active and early involvement of occupational health and safety experts in the relevant processes of the company. The organisation and facilities are designed in such a way that the safety and health of our employees is not impaired. In addition, risk analyses are carried out to prevent and avoid occupational accidents, occupational diseases and other work-related health impairments. Furthermore, we are committed to eliminating hazards and risks for our employees.

Continuous improvement with employee involvement
It is our task to continuously improve occupational safety and health protection in the company. We involve our employees in the process of identifying potential for improvement as well as determining and implementing appropriate measures. The effectiveness of the decisions and measures taken is regularly reviewed. Internal and external audits are used to ensure compliance with legal obligations and other requirements and to review our processes.

HUBER SE Board of Directors