HUBER Impianto compatto Hydro-Duct ROTAMAT® Ro5 HD

ROTAMAT® Complete Plant Ro 5HD

L’impianto per il trattamento delle acque di scarico più compatto

  • griglia da 0,5 mm a 10 mm
  • Robusti componenti meccanici
  • Elevato grado di separazione 95 % / 0,20 mm
  • Con sistema di areazione e sistema di ritenzione grassi (opzionale)
  • Unità compatta con minimo ingombro
  • Per portate fino a 160 l/s
  • Con by-pass d’emergenza integrato

The Ro 5HD Complete Plant combines the benefits of both aerated and unaerated grit traps by using a high-performance grit trap with a small overall plan area. The wastewater flows firstly through an inlet screen that retains, washes, compacts and dewaters the solids contained within the flow.


The screened wastewater then passes into an aerated grit trap that reduces the settlement of organics within the flow by the action of an aeration system within the grit trap. Grease along with other greasy material are collected in a separate integrated grease trap chamber from where the grease is automatically discharged by a well-proven paddle system.

The flow then enters a second unaerated upflow grit trap chamber which contains an integral hydro duct that ensures a directed flow approach from the bottom of the chamber with positive and uniform upflow distribution.

The flow velocity in the unaerated grit trap chamber is reduced to such an extent that very fine grit is easily and reliably separated. Whilst the separated particles are removed from the grit trap by classifying screws, they are simultaneously being statically dewatered prior to being discharged into a container.



Benefits of our ROTAMAT® Complete Plant with Hydro-Duct


  • Fully integrated screenings separation, washing and dewatering in one system
  • Very high levels of grit separation
  • Optional separate grease chamber with semiautomatic grease removal system
  • Above-ground or underground installation
  • Small footprint and space-saving compact design
  • Integral emergency overflow in the grit trap
  • Optional grit washing system
  • Integral emergency by-pass



Principio di funzionamento

Principio di funzionamento

Principio di funzionamento Ro 5HD




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