Two-stage belt dryer put into operation on WWTP Balingen

Fully isolated two-stage belt dryer installed on WWTP Balingen

The wastewater of more than 200,000 people is treated on WWTP Balingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The generated dewatered sludge, along with other sludges from that region, is dried in an innovative HUBER belt dryer.  The heat required for the drying process is provided by the thermal post-combustion unit of a KOPF SynGas sewage sludge gasification plant and a block heat and power plant operated with digestor gas.

The rest of the heat required to cover the total energy demand is provided by a natural gas operated boiler. Through heat extraction, a part of the energy is returned to the WWTP’s heating system so that virtually the complete exhaust heat from the WWTP is utilised with a minimum input of primary energy. This innovative project has been supported by the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg.

When the belt dryer was put into operation in the week before Easter the plant operated successfully even in the higher temperature stage. The plant treats a throughput of 925 kg/h dewatered sludge (dewatered to 28% DR). The BTplus 2 – 2 dryer installed at Balingen is the first HUBER belt dryer with a 90 °C and 140 °C hot water temperature stage and an additional insulation of the head pieces – another proof of our innovative strength in the field of drying technology.

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Products in use and related solutions

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