Construction of the Halle-Lochau sewage sludge incineration plant already well advanced

sludge2energy GmbH builds mono-incineration plant in Halle-Lochau

In Halle-Lochau, the construction and operation of a sewage sludge mono-incineration plant with power generation via a steam turbine and generator is planned to be built. The planning and installation of the plant is being carried out by sludge2energy GmbH (S2E). The future operation of the thermal sewage sludge utilisation plant is to be taken over by WTE Betriebsgesellschaft mbH.

The process complies with the latest standards and meets strict requirements. The drying concept is adapted so that all aqueous residues from the vapour treatment can be recycled separately. The capacity of the mono-incineration plant is 33,000 t of sewage sludge per year.

Assembly of the HUBER BT 20 belt dryer
Steam drum of the sewage sludge incineration plant
View of the sewage sludge incineration from above

In autumn 2019, the actual work on the construction site began with the site clearance. The concrete work was completed quickly by May 2020 and the construction site took on more and more shape. During the summer of 2020, the electrical and social building was extended. On the one hand, this serves as a recreation and work area for our operating staff. On the other hand, the entire electrical control plant, low-voltage system and control technology is housed here - the "brain of the plant", so to speak. The backpressure steam turbine and the emergency diesel generator are also located in this part of the building.

In October 2020, the steel construction work began on the building site in Halle. The first step was to build an intermediate level in the bunker area. This accommodates the sludge transfer from the bunker to the rest of the plant technology in the form of a push floor container. Then, a flying roof was erected outside as a covered storage area. In November 2020, the time had come to begin with the plant steel construction for the dryer hall and the boiler house. First, the vertical steel supports were erected, then the plant hall was built level by level from bottom to top. By Christmas 2021, the second level was completed on time at +9.1 m. After a well-deserved but short Christmas break, the year 2021 began directly with a highlight for all those involved in the project, as the boiler assembly took place on 15 January 2021. After a total of six lifts with a 400 t mobile crane, the two parts of the boiler, the two sections of the economiser, the steam drum and the exhaust air stack were lifted into place. A video of this assembly can be found on the homepage of sludge2energy GmbH ( After the rough assembly of the fluidised bed furnace, the plant steel construction of the boiler house could be continued. By mid-February, the steel construction work on the two buildings was completed and the facades and roofing work could begin.

On 1st March 2021 the installation of the HUBER BT 20 belt dryer and the associated wet and dry sludge conveying system as well as the exhaust vapour treatment system also started. After only one week of erection, the basic structure of the dryer was already in place on the foundation provided for this purpose. The assembly of the dryer was completed as of April 2021.

Parallel to the dryer assembly, the steam boiler and the water-steam circuit are also being installed. A highlight here was the boiler pressure test on 31 March 21. In this test, the steam boiler was subjected to a water pressure of 107 bar and had to maintain this pressure for half an hour without any loss of pressure.  This was no problem for the boiler, which is later exposed to a regular pressure of 48 bar during operation. The units of the boiler periphery with the water treatment, the boiler water conditioning and the sampling station for deionised water and steam also have to be installed.

The final step of the installation work on the construction site is the electrical installation. As soon as this has been completed, the direction of rotation and loop tests of all installed units and measuring instruments are carried out.

Before the plant is handed over to the operating team, the warm commissioning will be carried out. This is planned for September 2021.

There are many exciting events to come in 2021 for the Halle-Lochau sewage sludge incineration project. The sludge2energy GmbH team will keep you informed about the further progress of the project. It is also worth taking a look at the homepage now and then.


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