STP Flörsheim relies on HUBER know-how and buys a RakeMax®-hf screen

After: New HUBER RakeMax®-hf screen
After: New HUBER RakeMax®-hf screen
Before: Old step screen with hydraulic drive, third-party product
Before: Old step screen with hydraulic drive, third-party product
Extended "landing runway" for screenings
Extended "landing runway" for screenings

STP Flörsheim replaces inlet screening in February 2013

Flörsheim on the Main with its two districts Wicker and Weilbach is a lively and likeable town. It lies in the heart of the Rhine-Main region, between Frankfurt on the Main and the state capitals Wiesbaden and Mainz, and belongs to the Main-Taunus district. The wastewater authority's sewage treatment plant is situated in Flörsheim's industrial area Keramage / Falkenberg and is designed for 90,000 PE.  Connected to this plant is Flörsheim with its boroughs Wicker and Weilbach as well as the urban districts of Wiesbaden, Hofheim and Hochheim. The area has a population of about 47,000. A number of facilities belong to the plant: 24 stormwater overflow structures, 10 pumping stations, and a 140 km sewer network. Last year, the wastewater authority could celebrate its 50th anniversary.

As the old screening system on site had shown its age it became necessary to modernise it. This turned out to be no easy job as the old complicated step screen system was highly susceptible to failure and a cost-intensive solution. Moreover, a lot of cleaning work was necessary to remove the sediments upstream of the screen as the screen had great problems to cope with peak loads under stormwater conditions.

In October 2012, the project was planned and put to tender by the engineering office DAR (Deutsche Abwasser-Reinigungs-GmbH) in Wiesbaden. Through an alternative bid HUBER SE received the order to supply and install the screen and wash press including the electrical control equipment.

Project data:

  • Channel width: 2000 mm
  • Qmax: 600 l/s
  • RakeMax®-hf: size 2000 mm , 6 mm bar spacing (tear drop shaped bars)
  • Wash Press: size 4

Due to the given hydraulic conditions in the inlet channel the wastewater authority selected the HUBER RakeMax®-hf screen. The old wastewater screening plant had to be dismounted and the new machines installed within a short as possible time and without interruption of operation. To achieve this, we had to seal off the channel and install a temporary provisional solution.

Due to its special design the HUBER RakeMax®-hf screen excels for several advantages:

  • High hydraulic capacity due to the flat installation angle of the bar rack
  • Installation without channel recess possible
  • No accumulation of disturbing material due to material removal from the screen starting virtually right at the bar rack mounted flat to the channel bottom
  • Compact L-shaped screen
  • High operating reliability due to defined meshing of the cleaning elements with the bar rack
  • High screenings removal capacity – optimal for high peak loads
  • Not hindered by gravel or grit

Now that the screen has operated for a full year, the Flörsheim wastewater authority is very happy that they can profit from all the advantages the new HUBER RakeMax®-hf screen is providing, as promised. We would like to use this opportunity to once again say 'thank you' to all parties involved in this project and look forward to hopefully long years of successful cooperation.

Mr. Keiper of the Flörsheim wastewater authority
Frank Mrasek, HUBER SE office for Hesse and Thuringia

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