HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® CF: An innovative screen system convinces in practice

According to the motto "two become one", the HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® CF combines optimally matched technologies in one machine. The result is a unique screen system that impresses with both high reliability and innovative functionality.

The photo shows the HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® CF, which combines the advantages of the proven RakeMax® with the positive features of a centre flow screen, installed on a size 5 wastewater treatment plant.

The HUBER RakeMax® CF is a modified variant of the proven HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® with a U-shaped stationary screen rack installed between the two screen frames. The bar rack is arranged in parallel to the flow direction of the wastewater. Whilst the wastewater flows into the open front side of the screen and out through both the left and right bar rack, solids are retained on the inner surface of the U-shaped bar rack. The solids retained on the bar rack lead to gradual blinding of the bar rack surface, which has an impact on the level difference in the channel. Cleaning of the screen bars starts at a defined water level in the channel upstream of the screen. The RakeMax® CF achieves this with its cleaning elements attached to the chain system. At the end of the bar rack cleaning cycle, the cleaning elements are positively cleaned by a pivoted comb, which reliably discharges the removed screenings into a downstream transport or disposal unit.

The key features of the HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® CF at a glance:

  • Proven technology of two screen designs combined into one
  • High hydraulic throughput capacity due to U-shaped bar rack
  • No moving parts or bearings submerged in the water
  • Very little space required due to vertical installation - ideal for narrow spaces and deep channels
  • Rake tines fully engaging with the bar rack
  • Screen rake engaging above the bar rack / water surface
  • Increased separation efficiency through flow deflection in the bar rack
  • An emergency overflow that can be integrated as an option eliminates the need for an emergency bypass construction.

This new development maintains the positive characteristics of the proven HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax®, such as high screenings discharge capacity due to a variable number of rake tines, automatic scraper device without use of process water.

Due to its different design options the RakeMax® CF covers a very wide range of applications, allowing us to respond to the individual needs of our customers and to specific constructional and hydraulic site conditions.

The HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® CF has successfully proven its functionality in various applications in daily wastewater treatment plant operation. For our customers, the optimally matched technologies in one machine result in functional advantages, especially with small bar spacings. The positive operating experience proves that once again an innovative HUBER idea from the field of mechanical cleaning has been put into practice.

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