Complete Plant Ro 5HD: From Practice – For Practice

ROTAMAT® Kompaktanlage mit Hydro-Duct Ro 5HD

The Complete Plant Ro5HD with Hydro-Duct system, which was launched three years ago and has meanwhile been patented, keeps its promise. The plant intelligently combines all the advantages the customer and equipment operators benefit from.

Complete Plants are standardised systems for mechanical wastewater treatment that combine within one single plant the functions of screening, screenings treatment, grit trap. grit classification and grease trap. They are generally manufactured from stainless steel and applied preferably in small and medium-sized wastewater treatment plants.

Their advantages are obvious:

  • Low investment costs
  • Small footprint
  • No weather influence (frost)
  • No odour emissions to the atmosphere
  • Low costs for infrastructural measures
  • No additional grit classification
  • Low costs for maintenance and repair

The wastewater inlet is positioned at an angle of 90° towards the grit trap system to ensure favourable conditions for the flow streaming towards the grit trap. Well-proven ROTAMAT® systems are generally used as screens. The separated screenings are treated in the integrated screenings washing system (IRGA) that has proven its efficiency in more than thousand installations prior to being compacted in the ROTAMAT® system. An emergency overflow is integrated upstream of the screen as standard. For maintenance purposes, the complete wastewater can be bypassed.

Ro5HD installations: Simply a clean and perfect solution

The Hydro-Duct system is a combination of an aerated and unaerated grit trap that offers the benefits of both grit trap systems. Plant lengths can be reduced if the innovative Hydro-Duct system is used, while the separation efficiency achieved is still high. Fine bubbles of air are blown into the aerated area and induce a water roll. Organics are well kept floating and floating materials at the same time forced to the water surface. The grease automatically collects in a separate chamber from where it is removed by an automatic scraper system. The separated solids are removed by a screw conveyor system consisting of a bottom removal screw and an inclined classifying screw. The inclined screw statically dewaters the grit and discharges the compacted material into a container.

Meanwhile, more than 60 Complete Plants with Hydro-Duct system have been installed all over Europe and give proof that ideas from practice can become solutions in practice.

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Products in use and related solutions

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