Best cost / performance ratio of the RO 5 TREND

Well defined and designed – our standardized compact plants Ro 5 TREND

For over 20 years our compact plants, in various design versions, have been successfully used for mechanical wastewater pre-treatment. Depending on our customers’ needs and requirements, the following process options are integrated in Ro 5 compact plants.

  • Fine screening (screens with bars, wedge wire, perforations or wire mesh),
    Screenings treatment (washing, dewatering, compaction),
    Grit removal (aerated or non-aerated grit chambers),
    Grit classifying (with or without subsequent grit washing),
    Grease separation and removal.

The range of options could almost indefinitely be extended if additional structural conditions and hydraulic aspects were taken into account. Several hundred different versions of Ro 5 compact plants, each with its individual justification, are the necessary result. But manufacturing of made-to-order products, frequent design modifications and custom-made special designs are expensive. With notoriously tight budgets it is not always possible to purchase the very best equipment for individual needs; and in spite of tight budgets, every client wants his new equipment to guarantee state-of-the-art performance.  Our new Ro 5 TREND is a standardized series of compact plants, has pre-defined features and offers all benefits for less money. It offers a better cost / performance ratio, best value for money. We have integrated all previously listed process options in the Ro 5 TREND and guarantee optimal performance. We have defined the following design features for the Ro 5 TREND:

  • 9 sizes for a capacity from 10 to 160 l/s (160 to 2,500 GPM),
  • Above ground installation,
  • Aerated grit chamber and separate grease trap,
  • Inclined grit removal screw,
  • Standardized ROTAMAT® screen and feed box.  

Of course, some design options can still be selected, but only to such a limited extend, that the cost benefits of our volume production are not jeopardized.  And of course, we continue to offer customized Ro 5 compact plants that are specially adapted to meet all specific needs and requirements for each individual case. But customers who order specially designed Ro 5 compact plants will lose the substantial cost benefit of our volume production.  Our new Ro 5 TREND with pre-defined features offers optimal performance for the majority of applications. It provides all the well known benefits of our Ro 5 plants, resulting from our extensive experience in mechanical wastewater treatment. Top quality does not necessarily need to be expensive.  

by Wolfgang Branner, Product Manager Business Unit Mechanical Treatment

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