HUBER Belt Dryer installation in Sheboygan

Principial sketch of the HUBER Belt Dryer BT
Principial sketch of the HUBER Belt Dryer BT
3-D CAD drawing of a HUBER Belt Dryer BT 18
3-D CAD drawing of a HUBER Belt Dryer BT 18

A new HUBER Belt Dryer project is on the way in the USA. A BT 18 dryer for a throughput of 11,700 t/a will be installed at Sheboygan in the US state Wisconsin.

HUBER SE could win the order already in July 2012. We were commissioned to supply not only the belt drying plant, our scope of delivery includes also a RoS3 Q800 screw press for sludge dewatering.

The HUBER Belt Dryer we supply to Sheboygan will be the first installation of the new dryer generation in the USA. The plant conception excels for its excellent energy efficiency and a high level of safety. The low electrical energy demand is achieved primarily through the new control concept and the so-called "helix air flow" which ensures that the process air streams through the drying chambers as a spiral air flow.

As the air is reheated in each chamber, its load capacity can be utilized to the maximum. This means that only that amount of air needs to be moved through the dryer which is actually used for drying. Much smaller drives are therefore sufficient for the ventilators and also the exhaust air treatment system can be dimensioned very small so that a lot of operating costs can be saved.

Especially the feeding system of the dryer ensures a reliable plant operation. The sewage sludge extruder, also called pelletizer, presses the sludge and produces spaghetti-like sludge strands with a defined surface-volume ratio. As the sludge keeps its form during drying it is possible to avoid the highest safety risk involved with the operation of belt dryers, namely the production of dust.

To facilitate the installation work to be carried out on site the dryer will be pre-assembled in the factory and delivered as only few individual parts. Furthermore, a HUBER engineer will be there to supervise installation on site and support the local installation team.


Facts and figures on the project:

  • Site: Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA
  • Size: BT 18
  • Dryer length: 24 m
  • Water evaporation: 1.361 kg/h
  • Throughputmax: 11.700t/a ; 1.800 kg/h
  • Operating time: 6.500 h/a
  • Drying: from 20% DR to 90% DR
  • Heat source: Warm water 90° C



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